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A Beginner's Guide to Facebook Advertising - Introduction [1 of 7]

A Beginner's Guide to Facebook Advertising - Introduction [1 of 7]

Part 1 of 7 - Why should I Advertise on Facebook? [Series]

You might be a bit, or a lot, skeptical of Facebook, not to mention using it for Advertising purposes. You’ve probably heard horror stories of a people losing money by advertising on Facebook. If so many people are losing money with advertising on facebook then why has it grown by 680% since 2010? It’s because it works! Want to know why it works?

Your audience is on Facebook - ALL THE TIME. Facebook has 1.55 billion members worldwide, and 1.39 billion of them are mobile active users (MAU). With this many users it is obvious that your market is active on Facebook, so what better way to catch their attention?

With an audience this size, Facebook Advertising is something you can’t ignore! To make the pot even sweeter, Facebook has designed its Advertising platform to fit the needs of any type of business.

  • Facebook Advertising is inexpensive. Facebook is one of the most affordable advertising platforms available. Where most advertising platforms cost an upward of $.75 to reach a thousand people, Facebook is much less. Even the smallest Facebook advertisement can go extremely far!
  • Incredible targeting opportunities. Facebook’s targeting parameters are like no other. With a few simple clicks you can select even the most specific target market. Behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, and locations can all be adjusted to find the specific market you want your advertisement to be seen by.
  • Wavering leads, who you’d like to commit? With Facebook’s remarketing capabilities, you can easily advertise to an audience that has previously visited your site. That deja vu will give your leads the push they need to commit to a purchase!
  • Clone your target market with lookalike audiences! Have a profitable target market you wish you could double? With Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences your target market can be duplicated by expanding your reach to a market with similar parameters to the previous.
  • Easily track spending performance and ROI. Facebook provides you with some of the greatest performance metrics at your fingertips!
  • A/B testing capabilities. With Facebook’s A/B testing you can easily compare two ads and see which is more successful. Testing your ads allows you to gain insight on what works and doesn’t, rather than continuously running an unsuccessful ad.

With these resources and many more, you have nothing to lose by advertising on Facebook and everything to gain!

This is the first of a seven-part series. Read the rest of the series by clicking this tag: Facebook Ad Guide. If you’d like to learn more about advertising on Facebook keep an eye on our blog or sign up for our newsletter!

Interested in advertising on Facebook but you can’t find the time to manage your ads? With JoomConnect’s Facebook Advertising we will create and manage an advertisement for you, while you reap the benefits. 

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