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4 of MSP Marketing's Biggest Myths


We love tips and ‘how-to’s just as much as the next person. But like many “truths” on the Internet, there are several commonly repeated marketing-related facts that are used out of context, embellished, or just plain made up. Here’s a few of the misconceptions that we run into every day. 

Marketing Myth #1 - “If you build it, he will come. Your website is all the marketing you need. 

This isn’t a field of dreams and you’re not in Iowa with Shoeless Joe Jackson. While having a good website is infinitely important, it's highly unlikely that a website alone will provide you with enough lead generation to sustain your business. With the current digital marketing climate, your competitors will have a website, too. This means that you need take the next step and find a way to drive traffic to your website.

Marketing Myth #2 - “Some is better than none.” At least I’m doing SOMETHING.

Marketing is a cycle. If there is a break in the cycle, the likelihood of a sale decreases. An incomplete strategy is nearly as bad as not marketing at all - both will end with losing a potential client. Driving a prospect to your website using social media will only benefit you if there is information of value for them on your website. If your content is outdated or irrelevant, your prospects are going to find the information they seek elsewhere. A complete, planned strategy is the best way to nurture leads from generation to conversion.

Marketing Myth #3 - “The More the Merrier” We must get as many people back to our website as possible.

While increasing traffic to your website has benefits, there’s another side of the coin. Would you rather have 1000 site visitors that have no need for your products or services and virtually no potential to be a qualified prospect or 10 people who find the information you’re presenting valuable and generate a lead? By improving the clarity and quality of your website’s content, search engines will know how to better rank you among your peers and, ultimately, you’re likely to find your web traffic will produce more leads.

Marketing Myth #4 - “Man vs. Machine” Using marketing automation makes prospecting impersonal and lowers sales.

Marketing automation is only impersonal if the person setting it up makes it feel that way. If you have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type message that is blasted out after someone fills out any form on your website, it’ll definitely feel like a canned response. But, there are many ways to make the email feel more personal. When someone fills out a form on your website, JoomConnect’s integration platform allows you to send an automated response that is specific to the campaign wrapped around the form. With a bit of work, your email response can feel anything but automated. Remember, once they’ve reached out to you, 9 out of 10 prospects will go with the first company to reply to their query - making a prompt reply critical to the sales cycle.


These are just a small sampling of the marketing myths that are traded back and forth on the internet every day. Bottom line, your marketing strategy needs to be built on what works for you, not what the internet says works for other people. If you would like more information about marketing or help building a marketing plan for your MSP, contact our team today and we’ll help you sort out marketing myths from real life.

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