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Should I Consider Instagram as Part of My Social Media Marketing?

Should I Consider Instagram as Part of My Social Media Marketing?

With over 2 billion monthly active users on the platform, chances are pretty good that a non-insignificant portion of your target audience is at least somewhat active on Instagram. If you aren’t making use of it to your business’ advantage, you should very much reconsider your approach.

Let’s explore some of the reasons that Instagram is a good choice for your business’ social media marketing efforts, and how you can maximize these efforts.

Instagram is a Viable Platform for B2B Marketing

Regardless of the generation, more people are using social media than ever—with over two thirds using it more than they have previously. In order for your marketing to be effective, it needs to have eyes on it. A lot of these eyes just so happen to be looking at Instagram nowadays.

This, mind you, is regardless of generation. While the majority of users are in the 24-35 age demographic, there is still a healthy segment of other age groups active on the platform. Furthermore, 90% of people follow business accounts, 200 million visiting a business’ profile every day and 150 million using Instagram to reach out to a business each month.

In addition to the reach it can help you achieve, there are plenty of other reasons that a business should embrace the use of Instagram as a B2B marketing tool. 

For instance, social media advertising as a whole has reached a year-over-year growth rate of 25%, actually exceeding the $135 billion invested in paid search efforts with over $137 billion put towards social efforts. Instagram stands as the second-most-used social media platform for marketers around the world, behind only Facebook, with consistently high returns on any investment made. 52% of social media marketers planned to increase their investment into Instagram this year, 29% citing it as their largest investment.

While this may make it sound like there’s a lot of competition, there is, but that’s primarily because it works. Plus, it is important to remember that these statistics are industry-agnostic, covering all business sectors.

How Can I Use Instagram to Market My MSP?

There are a variety of strategies and tactics that a managed service provider can and should use to promote their services via Instagram. We’ll run through some of them here, but we encourage you to reach out to us for more personalized guidance concerning your social media marketing strategy, or any of your MSP marketing needs.

Optimize Your Business’ Instagram Profile

It pays to take some time to craft a quality profile that represents your business. Make sure you’re using a high-quality version of your logo as your profile picture to reinforce your brand, providing a link back to your website, and using your bio to describe the value you provide to businesses through your managed services.

Produce and Share Quality Content

Diversify the kind of things you share on your business’ Instagram. While Instagram is meant to share images, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to pictures around the office or stock photos exclusively. Share infographics, post pictures of successful infrastructure projects (with permission), and showcase your company culture.

On the topic, you can also utilize your clients and following to create further content, encouraging those you work with to share their experience with a certain hashtag that you’ve associated with your brand. This kind of social proof can be really impactful once its been shared.

Take Advantage of Instagram’s Various Formats and Tools

In addition to the posts—which themselves can take a variety of forms, from single images to photo carousels—Instagram offers you numerous forms of content delivery to take advantage of. In addition to video capabilities and live streaming, the Reels platform allows you to leverage short form video to attract additional audience members.

You can also use the tools provided to make it easier for your audience to find the information they need, grouping topics together via Instagram Guides.

You Certainly Should Put Instagram to Use in Your MSP’s Marketing Efforts

We can help you do so. Reach out to us at 888-546-4384 to learn more about our marketing services, designed to advance the goals of MSPs.


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