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Share Your Expertise

Share Your Expertise

You are an expert! You are educated and trained to be a leader within your industry. There was a time in business when professionals were tight lipped with their knowledge, but this is the information age, and if you are not communicating information to the world, the world will go to someone else who is, costing you revenue.

 In today’s marketplace, technology and the internet has leveled the playing field between the amateurs and the professionals. A customer in the market for a new product or service, can research the information online, and is limited only by the amount of time they are willing to put into their search. This creates a new marketplace full of mini experts, and the companies that cater to these tech savvy DIYers will be the ones to capture their business.

Retail is one highly visible industry that we are seeing this play out. Customers with smartphones can walk into a store, scan the barcode of the item they are interested in, compare online prices using an app, and even purchase the cheaper item from the website. They can do all of this from their phone, inside the store. This practice is called “scan and scram,” and it is a growing trend that retailers are beginning to worry about.

A trend like “scan and scram” is a legitimate threat to traditional retailing. The stores that adapt and accommodate will end up on top. If you recognize this information/technology trend in your market, and you are willing to work with the expectations of knowledge-hungry customers, then you will have no reason to feel threatened. Give the world what it wants, share your expertise!

Technology offers you several different platforms to proliferate your message. The more platforms you can take advantage of, the more people your message will reach. Create content that is easy to understand and specific to your expertise, post it all over the internet, and make sure your posted information links back to you and your website.

Write regular blog articles, make a podcast by calling up your expert friends and shooting the breeze for half an hour, post videos of yourself on YouTube explaining your products, and jump headfirst into social media by posting regularly. Try not to think of these digital platforms as another form of advertisement, if your message feels too much like a commercial it will turn people away. Instead, approach these technologies as a new way to have a conversation with the public. All of this may seem overwhelming, but a lot of these services can be hired out if you do not have the time.

There is a great marketing twist that comes with making your expertise easily accessible. All of the people absorbing your online information, will consider you an authority on the subject. It is as if you are their virtual mentor. They feel a connection, and if your content is good, they will continue to come to you for information. And if you pepper your advice with your brand and contact information, people will be more likely to seek you out when it is time to make a purchase.

Contact JoomConnect today and let us help you find new ways to share your expertise with the world.

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