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4 Changes You Can Make to Improve Employee Happiness!

4 Changes You Can Make to Improve Employee Happiness!

Everybody desires a job that can contribute to their happiness. In fact, for many workers, they’ll even forgo a little bit of salary if it means finding happiness at work. As a business owner, the way you run your company has the potential to make a lot of people happy--which can in turn make you happy by increasing profits!

Workers that find happiness in their jobs are more dedicated and more productive. Considering all the benefits that come with a happy work environment, doing what it takes to make your workplace happier is well worth the effort, even if it means making some changes. Here are four changes you as the CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) can make to your business so that it’s more enjoyable for everybody!

Be Supportive

Working for a company that supports its employees can do wonders on the ol’ morale. If a worker feels like their employer doesn’t support them, then it feels like they’re against them. Can you image how soul-crushing it is to come in every day feeling like your boss is watching your every move with a critical eye, just waiting to pounce on your mistakes? This is definitely not the kind of career that people dream of as little kids.

Perhaps you have worked in this kind of negative environment at least once in your career, and you can personally testify just how demotivating this is. When it comes to a job, a worker having their actions and decisions supported, being given the benefit of the doubt, and even encouraged by those in charge, can change the entire tone of the workplace; making it so that people will actually want to come to work--instead of dreading every single day.

Generosity Goes a Long Way

Establishing a company culture that includes generosity as a prevailing attitude will encourage a happier workplace environment. While you can choose to offer material incentives, like bonuses and vacation time, there is more to generosity than money. As an employer, you should consider being generous with the amount of time spent with your staff. If a member of your team needs advice or input on a project, clear your calendar and generously invest time into their needs. By making yourself accessible, you’ll set a precedent for collaboration within your company. The benefit from being generous with your time is that your team will be comprised of people with the right skillsets and the ability to operate as a finely tuned machine

Pay Your Workers a Decent Wage

Another generous action to consider is a periodic review and adjustment of employee wages. While money isn’t the key to happiness, it certainly helps! If you’re not paying a worker what they’re worth, then they will feel undervalued and underappreciated. This will demoralize the entire office as workers grumble to each other about how unfair their pay is. This can come back to bite you when a worker is faced with a challenging situation. If a worker’s paycheck tells them that they’re valued, then they’ll stick out the hard times, take their job more seriously, and at the end of the day, they’ll be happier.

BYOD and Mobile Devices

Did you know that technology can be utilized to make the workplace happier? With advancements in mobile technology and cloud computing, employees will often want to use their personal devices (smart phone, tablet, etc.) during business hours. Having a BYOD policy in place will help keep your network safe while allowing employees to use the technology that they’re comfortable with. That makes everyone happy. And this same concept applies outside the office. Rather than having to cancel a vacation because of an emergency meeting, your employees can use mobile devices to collaborate and conference from anywhere, anytime. Bonus Tip: Consider a Hawaiian Shirt Day! 

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