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Is Social Media Still Viable as a Marketing Tool?

MSP Marketing: Is Social Media Still Viable as a Marketing Tool?

Have you considered investing more resources into your social media presence, and due to all the drama, have you begun to question if social media is still the right call? If you’re sitting on the fence, here are some reasons social media may still bring value to your MSP marketing plans.

Is Social Media Still Relevant?

For some time now, we have championed the idea that social media is necessary for your MSP marketing strategy. For a good reason, too: there are nearly 5 billion social media users worldwide, meaning there is a considerable pool of potential leads. However, the recent turmoil in the social media ecosystem has caused many businesses to reconsider their commitment to social media as a marketing tool, and understandably so. If you’ve been on the fence or are reviewing investing in social media, take a moment to consider why social media is still worthwhile.

First, Find Out if Your Audience is Engaged on Social Media

While it is easy to point to the number of users on social media—and it is a large number—as a reason you should be on social media as well, the reality is that all social media isn’t created equally. Before you invest in a particular social media platform, take the time to find out where your customers are. You may find that most of your qualified leads come from LinkedIn and not Facebook or Twitter

This distinction is vital because each social media platform is unique, and how users interact with it should determine how you market your services to them. Google Analytics allows you to track how your audience interacts with your social media; by reviewing your referrals, you can gain insights into where visitors to your website are coming from. 

If we see that the majority of our social media leads are coming from Facebook, then we should invest more resources into Facebook marketing, because that’s where our customers are.

How To Avoid The Toxicity Within Social Media

Now for the elephant in the room, the increase in divisiveness within the social media community. 

Let’s not be naive; social media has always had some toxicity. There’s been research on what happens when some people interact behind the safety of their keyboards. So yes, there is undoubtedly a reason to be concerned about your social media post being featured next to an inappropriate post or attracting trolls. However, while it seems unavoidable, all is not lost.

One thing to consider is that drama attracts drama, and the simplest way to avoid conflict…drama… is to be mindful of your content and who you engage with. Fortunately, MSP services aren’t top of mind for most people, so the chances are low that someone may target your organization. (Ironically, the lack of being top of mind is why it is essential to market your MSP to get on the radar of potential clients).

It is important to remember that social media operates on the same tenets as traditional media; your business could be judged by the company you keep. Fair or not, some companies and organizations are magnets for controversy. The best way to avoid being tainted by their reputation or targeted by their detractors is by ensuring that your messaging and who you follow represent your core values, not theirs.

In other words, what’s your brand?

Ready to Invest in Social Media?

Social media doesn't have to be something to dread. It remains a powerful marketing resource. If you're unsure how to avoid conflict, you don't have to figure it out alone! With us, you can have an effective social media presence without the drama. 

Our Ultimate Social Media Rig (USMR)is designed to get you rapidly up to speed in social media with setup and branding on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you're more interested in a turn-key social media solution, our companion offering to the USMR, Social Media as a Service (SMaaS), could be for you. With SMaaS, our team creates and publishes one daily post to each Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with an optional add-on of Instagram. 

SMaaS allows your message to be consistent across multiple platforms, drastically increasing your reach. This allows marketing your MSP to be more successful because you can “touch” more leads. Successful marketing uses different tools because leads respond differently, so we recommend not doing one thing to market your services. If you're interested in reaching the most significant number of people, we ask that you consider investing in our custom or syndicated blog services. Not sure if blogs are for you? Here's why blogs and social media work together so well.

The reality is social media isn't going away; some players and rules may change, but social media isn't going to disappear. The best way to remain competitive and generate leads is by going where the leads are. Social media will continue to be a part of the conversation for the foreseeable future. The question is, will you? 

Call 888-546-4384 today to schedule an appointment and learn more about social media marketing and how we can help you.

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