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MSP Marketing During a Crisis


As the COVID-19 virus continues to sweep its way through the world it is imperative that businesses remember and continue, with a little adjustment, their marketing efforts. When it comes to marketing your MSP, you can consider it a best practice to always be marketing your services. No matter what complications or difficult outside circumstances your MSP may face, you should always be marketing your business.

Crises are not new and should not affect your business too much, at no point should your business be doing absolutely nothing, in regard to marketing. Just like all crises of the past, this too shall pass and you’ll still want your audience to still be engaging with your business.

There are many ways you can market your business and properly communicate any necessary information to your clients and audience . But, because it is a crisis, you should carefully consider what you are saying to your clients and audience, as well as how you're going to deliver those messages.

What You Should Be Communicating

Because you are operating under a state of crisis, your tone and wording should be carefully planned to make certain that you don’t cause your business problems in the future. So, don’t just post anything, carefully consider your message and make sure to filter out an information that seems like speculation or isn’t from a reliable source.

Here are some things you can communicate to your clients and audience:

  1. COVID-19 Update - If you haven’t already, your business can send an update (or a second update) on your business’ plan or response to the virus and how (or if) you plan to continue operations during the crisis.
  2. Update on Government Ordinance and Policies - If your local, state or national government makes a statement with any ordinances or policies that affect your business, you can share those statements, verbatim, and how it will affect operations with your clients and audience.
  3. Availability Changes - If any complication caused by the virus leads to a shortage of a product or causes you to limit your services, you should communicate that.
  4. Things to Look Out For - Unfortunately, during times of crisis cases of crime increase. Inform your clients of any risk of them falling victim to crimes like scams and phishing.
  5. Company Culture - While many companies aren’t currently in the office you can still share about how you and your employees are handling social distancing.

How You Should Be Communicating

When you are marketing your business in a crisis situation you should consider what kind of crisis it is because that can play a role in how you communicate with your clients and audience. Because this particular crisis is viral in nature, physical deliverables should be considered a no-no. It would be best to use digital means to market your MSP for the time the crisis lasts.

  1. Website - Add your updates and policy changes to your website in a spot that is easy for your clients and audience to see. It doesn’t need to be a long message as you can provide linkage to a separate page with the full message. This is just to grab the attention of any of your website visitors and direct them to the aforementioned page.
  2. Blog - A blog will let you share as much information as you want with your clients and audience. You can share detailed information about your business’ situation and, as the situation escalates or deescalates, you can make any edits or updates to the post making it the perfect place to share information during the crisis.
  3. Webinars - A webinar is another great way you can share a ton of information with your clients and audience. It is a more personal way to communicate than many others, so it can be more clear how the crisis at hand is being addressed. Plus, a webinar can be recorded and posted on your website so that it's always available.
  4. Emails - Instead of sending your clients and audience physical letters, it might be better to send emails. During the COVID-19 crisis, many people have found themselves uncomfortable with handling mail.
  5. Social media - You can share short messages with your audience on your social media platforms. These messages should be short but effective and link back to a page on your website that goes into further detail.

We’ll Do The Marketing For You!

With all the changes that your business needs to make to continue operating during a crisis, we can see how marketing may not be top of mind… but it really should be. If you don't have the time to, we certainly do! Any of our marketing services will ensure that your marketing efforts continue during this and any future crises. Call us at 888-546-4384 today!

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