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How to Make Compound Marketing as Effective as Possible

How to Make Compound Marketing as Effective as Possible

There is no one way to market a business. One can take dozens of approaches, each a better or worse choice in a given situation. Different tactics will produce different results depending on your industry, audience, offer, and reputation. However, a strategy focused on compound marketing efforts will—in most cases—be most beneficial to your growth and sustainability.

Let’s examine what compound marketing is and what makes it so effective.

Compound Marketing is a Long-Term Strategy

Many parables and fables teach that persistently working toward a goal is the best way to accomplish it. Take, for instance, the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. This story provides a valuable life lesson and easily translates into the marketing strategies that managed service providers and other businesses utilize.

The hare represents many more traditional advertising options. It is effective in short-term bursts but lacks the power or resources to last through a longer campaign. 

The tortoise represents the kinds of efforts that compound marketing tactics are associated with. Compound marketing uses smaller efforts, primarily based on content, shared over time to build a value proposition that connects with a target audience. This helps you encourage loyalty and foster an impression of reliability and dependability as you build a community of followers to your brand and its story.

Let’s examine what your compound marketing strategy needs to pursue your goals effectively.

Compound Marketing Relies on Consistency

Let’s consider this from the perspective of one of your prospects. Would you sooner trust a business that clearly established it would keep in regular contact with you or one that rarely communicated with you? Would you be more likely to consider a business that you regularly heard from and established itself as an option or one that was just another name in a list of alternatives?

Consistent communications in compound marketing help reinforce your dependability. Your audience will be more confident that you are available to help them and have the ability to do so. Establishing a voice for your brand to use will add to the consistency of your messages and make your business more memorable to your marketing recipients.

Compound Marketing Requires that You Provide Value

Let’s step back into the role of a prospect and consider this: if you’ve signed up for a company’s marketing emails, why would you continue to receive them (never mind read them) if they don’t give you the value you were looking for when you signed up? If you aren’t giving your audience something in exchange for their time, they aren’t going to continue listening to you. It’s as simple as that.

This directly defies the consistency that compound marketing requires and does nothing to establish your business as the best option to work with.

For compound marketing to work, you must give your audience members a reason to stay. Provide them with information that will not change over time and engage with their priorities. Talk about common problems and issues they likely deal with and answer the questions they’re likely to ask. Don’t be afraid to leverage your search engine optimization efforts to help spread your influence as much as possible.

In short, give them a reason to keep listening to you.

Compound Marketing Takes Patience

Finally, we’ve come to the slowness of “slow and steady.” Compound marketing won’t see immediate results—at least, not compared to what you want to achieve. The idea is to build a relationship, which will take time. That’s the point of being consistent and providing them with value. Over time, they’ll start to see that you are reliable, that you know your stuff, and that working with you will only benefit them.

This means you will likely have to experiment a little to find the most effective way to communicate with your chosen audience. Still, by committing to the results, you’ll ultimately see this process' benefits.

We Can Help You Manage Your Marketing to Better Compound It

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