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Facebook 101 - Collections [Social Media 101]

Facebook 101 - Collections [Social Media 101]

Continuing our Facebook 101 blog series, today we will be discussing another of Facebook’s ad formats— Collection Ads. Facebook’s Collection Ads can be used to make it easier for people to discover, browse and purchase your products and services. A collection ad includes a cover image or video followed by four product images. When someone clicks on a collection ad, they'll see an Instant Experience—a fullscreen landing page that drives engagement and boosts interest. 

If you choose to create a collection ad for your business’ Facebook, remember these specs:

Image Recommendations

Image Type: JPG or PNG 
Video File Type: MP4, MOV or GIF 
Ratio: 1:1 
Resolution: At least 1080 x 1080 pixels 

Text Recommendations

Primary Text: 125 characters 
Headline: 40 characters 
Landing Page URL: Required

Technical Requirements

Instant Experience: Required
Image Maximum File Size: 30MB
Video Maximum File Size: 4GB

Why Use this Ad Format?

Now that you know the recommended specifications for a Collection Ad, you are probably wondering what things you can use the ads for. Like we already mentioned, you can use Facebook’s collections ads to drive product discovery. You can also provide a mobile browsing experience for your clients and prospects. Additionally, you can drive interested customers from multiple placements back to your website to make purchases.

Get Help Using This Ad Format! 

If you think you’ll need a little help getting started using Facebook’s Collection Ads to market your MSP you can always come to us for your social media marketing needs! If you would like to learn more about using Facebook to market your business check out our other Facebook 101 blogs or take a quick look at our Social Media Marketing blog.
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