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Continue Your Marketing Touches After Onboarding a Client

Continue Your Marketing Touches After Onboarding a Client

As we’ve discussed before, marketing best practices state that utilizing your marketing to touch upon your audience’s pain points a total of 27 times will likely result in them signing on. While onboarding new clients is indeed a good thing, it is even better to retain them after their initial service has been completed. After all, it’s hardly worth all the trouble to claim a new client just to have them leave after one deal.

Just because someone has signed on to your service doesn’t mean you can stop finding ways to touch upon their needs - let’s face it, failing to do so will lose you your new client much faster than you onboarded them. However, the touchpoints of a client definitely vary from the touchpoints of a prospect and your actions as you move forward must reflect that. Fortunately, there are a few avenues to explore as a means of making these retention touches with clients, in addition to some inbound marketing efforts that we highly recommend you implement.

Customer Loyalty Benefits

While there are those customers who will come to you exclusively for deeply held personal reasons, the large majority of your customer base will likely be more fickle when it comes to selecting their service provider. Simply following the laws of economics, they are seeking the best return for their financial investment, and will go to the provider who provides them with exactly that. It doesn’t even matter how that return is presented to many of them - as long as they benefit, they’re happy with either a bonus or a bargain.

As a result, you will have to establish some form of incentive to keep bargain-hunting clients such as these returning to repeat business with you, rather than your competition. This will likely take the form of loyalty benefits that come into play after a client repeats a service a number of times. You may consider offering a complimentary lesser or relatively extraneous add-on to a customer who has subscribed to one of your core services for a period of time. Not only will this encourage a customer to stay on for the sake of the added benefit, but it will also give them a taste of the benefits they could receive if they were to add the other service into their agreement. Alternatively, you may consider sending long-term customers periodic tokens of appreciation.

Personalized Customer Service

However, many customers will remain with a service provider simply because they are comfortable there, despite their ability to find a better bargain elsewhere. This circumstance is ideal for you and your business, as maintaining this professional relationship will generate some predictable income, and potentially some marketing materials for you.

In order to cultivate such relationships, as well as keep them alive and thriving, you must be the involved party to make the first move. Encourage your employees to follow your example as you treat every customer as your only customer - making these customers feel valued and more likely to return to experience that level of service, knowing that it can be found within your business.

Continued Education

Of course, there is nothing to be gained by abandoning one of your new client’s great motivators to come to your service. In addition to resolving issues on their behalf as they arise, supply your client with the knowledge they need to avoid encountering issues in the first place, as well as methods of improving their internal processes and solutions. These educational materials can be in whatever format works best for your abilities, leaving you open to produce blog posts, host lunch and learns, or even create a how-to video.

Not only will these educational efforts continue to cultivate your reputation as a trusted source of expertise, but it may even save you some time by reducing the amount of service you have to actually provide hands-on, leaving you more time to develop improved solutions.


So there you have it - how to best maintain a relationship with your patrons after the 27 initial marketing touches have been made.

Be sure to stop by the comments section below and share what sort of benefits you offer your most loyal customers, and for more help implementing these strategies, the experts at JoomConnect are available at, ready to answer any questions you may have.

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