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B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

B2B marketing, although similar to B2C marketing, has a few specific qualities that set it apart from its counterpart. As many social media platforms are highly B2C focused, B2B marketers sometimes have a hard time seeing results from them. One platform however, where B2B marketing stands supreme? LinkedIn.

Much of B2B Marketing success is due to the fact that the "right" people are seeing the posts. Facebook is popular with a lot of B2C marketers specifically because of the huge audience it maintains and grows on a daily basis. While Facebook has 1.55 billion members, they aren't necessarily qualified - especially for B2B marketers. Because of this, B2B marketers should make marketing on LinkedIn a priority over Facebook. The graphic below shows the demographics of LinkedIn users.

As an organization you depend on marketing to reach your business goals. Among those business goals is reaching new prospects, and upselling additional products and/or services to your current clients. Therefore, as a marketer you understand the importance of reaching the right people with your marketing. Yes, if you've read our Facebook Advertising Series, then you also know that Facebook offers a number of highly specific targeting parameters, lookalike audiences, and more, but LinkedIn not only offers these, or similar features, but it also offers an audience already qualified to receive or be subject to your marketing. It's a B2B marketer's paradise, and the stats don't lie!

Whatever your goal might be, as a B2B marketer, LinkedIn is the tool that can help you accomplish it. Use the following steps to accomplish your business goals, with help from LinkedIn.

DEFINE your goal
Like any process, defining your ultimate goal is key to its success. Setting a SMART goal is the best way to ensure its completion. A SMART goal is clearly defined and leaves you accountable for its completion. A SMART goal is:
    • S - specific. 
    • M - measurable. 
    • A - attainable. 
    • R - realistic & relevant. 
    • T - time-bound.
Whenever you set a goal, try to make sure that it meets each of these qualifications for a SMART goal, it will help to encourage its completion and success.

TARGET the right people
Reaching the right audience is imperative to your marketing's success. LinkedIn is a network of qualified, educated, professional people, although in order to ensure that your marketing is successful, you will still need to specifically define and select your ideal audience if you want your marketing to be successful, and reach your business goals. With that being said, LinkedIn has a variety of tools to ensure that you are reaching the right audience.

ENGAGE them with content
LinkedIn uses a combination of Inbound and Outbound marketing tactics to help you accomplish your business goals. LinkedIn refers to Inbound as organic, and Outbound as paid channels. The most effective way to accomplish your business goals is by balancing the two.

  • Inbound (organic) tactics include distributing content via:
    • Your LinkedIn Company Page 
    • Showcase Pages 
    • Long-form posts 
    • SlideShare presentations 
    • Joining and following industry specific groups
    • Sharing the content of industry thought leaders
    • Commenting and engaging in conversations (when appropriate) on posts
  • Outbound (paid channel) tactics to reach both targeted, and broader audiences include:
    • Sponsored Content 
    • Sponsored InMail
    • Display Ads
    • Dynamic Ads
    • Text Ads

OPTIMIZE your impact
Marketing is useless without measuring its success, and tracking its progress. Any marketing done on LinkedIn is tracked and measured for you through a variety of insights, KPIs, and more. Tracking this information and using it to your advantage to improve and alter your marketing moving forward is crucial to your marketing success - not only on LinkedIn - but in regards to all marketing initiatives. LinkedIn can assist you in measuring your marketing's success with the following measurement tools:

LinkedIn is by far the best social network for B2B businesses to be actively marketing on. Are you interested in beginning to market your business on LinkedIn? Reach out to us today to get started on accomplishing your business goals!

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