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Your Business Needs a Facebook Page…Here’s Why

Your Business Needs a Facebook Page…Here’s Why

Businesses have been able to create specific pages to represent themselves on Facebook since November of 2007, opening the door for many great opportunities. If you haven’t established a presence for your business on the social network, or you haven’t fully utilized it to this point, you’re missing out.

Let’s run through three reasons that a Facebook presence is an excellent asset for your business to have in support of your marketing efforts.

Reason One: It Keeps You in Front of Your Audience

While there are various statistics out there that claim different times spent each day on Facebook by the average person, the point still stands that there is still a window where they will be online and absorbing the content on the platform. Utilizing Facebook helps you to potentially capture their attention during this time, encouraging increased impressions and generating more engagement.

This has benefits whether you’re concerned with attracting new business or keeping your current clients engaged and interested in your services, too. Not only does Facebook offer its business pages a lot of helpful tools and capabilities, it gives you the opportunity to get your messages in front of people who aren’t necessarily following you, but would be interested in what you have to offer. Let’s break down both aspects briefly.

What a Business Profile on Facebook Enables You to Do

While it might be nice to think that your prospects would be spending all of their time online perusing your business’ website, we both know that this simply is not realistic to expect. Chances are far better that they’ll be spending their time on Facebook…which means you should embrace the opportunity to get your services in front of them there, too. An official Business Profile allows you to do that, along with some other helpful features for your business to embrace. 

How You Can Use Facebook to Advertise Your Business

Facebook offers extensive advertising opportunities to Business Profiles, which is supremely useful for the  various marketing efforts you’ll want to engage in. These ads can be used to accomplish a variety of goals that you might have for your marketing efforts, with options ranging from who you are targeting to the specific goals you’re hoping to accomplish. Be sure to check out our other collections of blogs and best practices on using Facebook as an MSP marketing tool, Facebook 101 and Facebook Ad Guide.

Reason Two: It Pulls Attention to Your Website

Just to make something abundantly clear, I in no way mean to say that Facebook can take the place of a dedicated website. The two each serve different purposes, and between the two, your website is the more essential in terms of your marketing. Having said that, your business’ Facebook presence serves as an invaluable inroad back to your website for people to learn more about your available services and reach out to you to start a conversation.

By sharing the opportunity to visit your website and get more information about your business and all the benefits that you have to offer on your business’ Facebook page, you’re actively increasing the impressions you’re able to generate. Not only does this make it easier for you to get your audience to remember your business when the need for IT services arises, it gives them a simple way to directly access the information they’d be most interested in…which is precisely what you want them to do.

Reason Three: It Makes It Easier to Market Your Business

On a related note to everything we’ve already said, having a Facebook presence for your business gives you a direct line to your prospects and clients. Consider that most of your marketing materials, inbound or outbound, aren’t as conversational as social media inherently is. Even if you’re inviting someone to reach out to start a conversation, you’re still primarily talking at them. Social media, and particularly Facebook, is built to be natively conversational. In short, Facebook allows you to build trust and start a rapport with your prospects that much quicker.

We’re Here to Help You Manage Your Social Media—Including Your Business’ Facebook

Reach out to us to learn more about what we can help you accomplish with your social media. Give us a call at 888-546-4384.

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