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Why the UTM is the Ultimate Security Solution for Businesses

Why the UTM is the Ultimate Security Solution for Businesses

Though network security is a necessity, it’s difficult to plan for every single possibility. Small and medium-sized businesses have trouble accounting for the many threats that lurk on the Internet, as security often requires a professional’s touch. As experts ourselves, we’ll discuss the many security solutions available to your organization, as well as what your best option is.

Thankfully, the many great security measures that your business wants to implement can all be found in one convenient package--the Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution. It’s an enterprise-level tool, and thanks to managed services providers like JoomConnect, even small businesses can take advantage of this level of protection at an affordable rate. The UTM focuses more on eliminating and preventing issues before they become full-fledged problems.

What a UTM Solution Should Include

We’ll discuss the various parts of a UTM so that you know with confidence that you have an idea of what your solution will protect your network from.


Firewalls are so important that even the average consumer PC should be equipped with one. Firewalls act like virtual bouncers, keeping bad data from entering your network, while still allowing the good data through. Like any good security solution, a firewall needs to be updated with the latest threat definitions so that it can keep all of the latest problems out of your network.


However, not all threats can be detected by a firewall, which is why antivirus is needed to eliminate the varied threats that can make it past a firewall’s defense. Antivirus is another crucial part of any computer owner’s security repertoire--even moreso for business owners--so make sure that your network is equipped with it at all times.

Spam Blocking

Hackers will frequently use spam to spread their malware. Spam basically allows hackers to keep themselves hidden in plain sight. They can spoof their email addresses to make themselves look like someone else, or use other dirty tricks to manipulate you into doing exactly what they want. These phishing emails might be designed to acquire credentials, convince the user to click on infected email attachments, or visit malicious websites. A good spam filter can save you from dealing with these annoyances, and it can save you precious time wasted on deleting spam from your inbox.

Content Filtering

There will always be unsafe content to view on the Internet, and even a good employee may accidentally slip up and visit a website with malicious code. A content filter can keep your employees from accessing malicious or time-wasting websites. This can be done on a per user basis, allowing for customizable access to the wonders of the Internet, should you have a problem employee who can’t resist watching pornography or browsing social media in the office.

Is your business protected with this kind of security? If not, call JoomConnect today at 888-546-4384 to equip your organization with a UTM.

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