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MSP Marketing: Why Do People Follow You?

MSP Marketing: Why Do People Follow You?

When it comes to a company’s social media pages, every follower and “like” is valuable. Essentially, your social media followers are the ones who will most frequently see your marketing content. Therefore, when formulating your social media marketing strategy, you need to keep in mind their expectations, or else risk losing them.

Determining the Expectations of Your Social Media Audience 

It would be a huge undertaking to personally survey every one of your social media followers about why they liked your page and what kind of content they would like to see posted on it. Although, serious marketers know that performing such a survey would yield valuable and insightful data about their customer base and therefore, may be worth the effort. However, let’s assume that you’re a busy business owner who doesn’t have time to conduct such a survey; how then are you to find out the expectations of your social media followers?

Good news, learning about the expectations of your social media followers isn’t as time-consuming as you might have guessed. Knowing why people like and follow your business on social media is as simple as monitoring the activity on your pages and making educated guesses as to why such activity is taking place. As you monitor your page’s activities for notifications and user interactions, you will be able to spot trends, such as, what’s working for you and what’s not. Use this information to guide your social media posts and marketing efforts and your audience won’t be disappointed.     

Of course, mining for such information requires a commitment on the behalf of yourself or your marketing team to monitor your company’s social media accounts in order to spot such trends. Don’t shy away from actively monitoring your social media. It’s as easy as reviewing your notifications and asking yourself what kind of content is behind each interaction. In fact, given that sites like Facebook generally allow for only positive interactions, you might find that actively monitoring your social media can be a rather pleasant experience as your day becomes filled with people liking and sharing your content.

The Real Danger of Ignoring What Others Think about Your Posts

Granted, you’ve got every right to not heed our advice and post whatever kind of content you feel like onto your social media pages with total disregard of user expectations. The danger of doing this is that you risk turning away and no longer retaining the users who currently follow you. This is especially the case with the largest social media platform, Facebook.

Due to the mammoth amount of content posted to Facebook, it’s virtually impossible for every user to see everything posted by every page that they have liked. Therefore, Facebook has developed an algorithm to only push a portion of the content from a user’s liked pages to their timeline. In order to make sure that users only see quality content (and thus not leave Facebook), Facebook uses likes, shares, and user engagement to determine if the post is valuable enough to push on to more timelines. This is why Facebook has a reputation for displaying too many baby photos and engagement announcements. Sentimental posts like these quickly generate likes from a user’s inner social circle, which causes the post to get pushed to their outer social circle as well, turning your timeline into a wave of babies.

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