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JoomConnect Blog

JoomConnect is the Marketing Agency for MSPs. We strive to help IT companies get more leads and grow. We rock at web design, content marketing, campaigns, SEO, marketing automation, and full marketing fulfillment.

Welcome to the JoomConnect Blog

We cannot believe today is the day; the launch of JoomConnect.  The Directive JoomConnect Team has been burning the midnight oil to ensure a smooth launch of our website. It's going to launch with some content we really wanted to get done like some videos and a few other things, but we'll get them up a within a couple days after the launch.

We'd like to extend our thanks to all of the partners who've encouraged us to launch JoomConnect, the beta testers who were willing to put in the time to check for bugs, and all of the coverage and publicity we've been offered over the past months.  It's almost unreal to think that a little integration we wanted to set up on our own site has exploded into such a huge project, and we hope that we don't disappoint.

We're not even close to done yet either.  Yes, today's the launch of 1.0, but we've got a whole lot of plans on the drawing boards that we'll be continuously developing.

Fellow ConnectWise Partners, we don't need to explain to you why we chose ConnectWise for our MSP practice.  The PSA has been powering our business for two and a half years, and giving it credit for a major amount of our success and tenacity would be an understatement.

Apart from our IT branch (and our software development branch), we've been working with the web for well over a decade, designing sites and integrating web solutions for our clients.  It was a little over two years ago that we stumbled upon Joomla, the award winning CMS.  We've experimented with many others, but the hugely supported open-source web application has become a way of life for our web team.  For CW Partners who are still using static HTML sites and want to switch to Joomla for JoomConnect, you're in for a treat that includes cost effective updates, user management, and literally thousands of plug-ins, modules, and components.

Thank you for all of your interest and support.  We hope JoomConnect can work for you.

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