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Use File Uploads in JoomConnect Forms

Our team is always looking to add new, useful features to JoomConnect. We are happy to announce that a new form option has recently been added!

form example2

Now with the File Upload field, you can create forms that allow your website users to upload file attachments along with any additional information you request on the form. Whether you’re asking for supporting documentation, screenshots or other file types, you can do it with the File Upload field.

You can specify the file extensions your user can upload.

Choose to have the file attached to the ticket, to the opportunity, to the contact themselves or have it attached to the optional email you can have sent when the form is submitted.

How to insert the Upload File Field
To insert a File Upload field, simply drag it from the Form Options onto your form. Like other form options you can customize the label, set the width and height, label position, etc. You are also given the option to set your Max upload size, allowed file extensions with size and extension verification and where you want the file attached. Specify which directory you want the files to be uploaded to on the Settings Tab; File Upload Directory.

Don’t see the option in your JoomConnect? Create a ticket with us!

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