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Chris Chase

The Basics of Boosting on Social Media

One of the things that is great about social media is that it is free for your business to use. However, as a company in the B2B space, you’re greatly limiting the success of your company if you don’t consider utilizing some of the paid aspects of these platforms. One way to get started is to consider promoting, or ‘boosting’, the posts you are already doing.

Chris Chase

Boosting Facebook Posts, Part 2: Boosting Posts with Images that Meet Facebook’s Guidelines

This month, we look at meeting Facebook’s boosting guidelines so your images and content get seen by the masses.

Chris Chase

Boosting Facebook Posts, Part 1: When to Boost your Facebook Post

You’ve done it! Your latest Facebook post has met with success and received likes, shares, and comments. Facebook’s algorithm now recognizes this higher-than-normal level of engagement and begins to organically display your post to more and more timelines. When you’ve got a hot post like this on your hands, give it a boost!