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'Quick Referral' for JoomConnect 1.1 coming for ConnectWise

I'm really starting to get excited (yes even more excited) about JoomConnect 1.1. Over the next few weeks while in beta we are going to leak some of the new features. Hopefully you will be as excited as we are. Keep reading to learn how we are sharing how to do this for free.

You can use ConnectWise to run your entire referral campaign, “Quick Referral” for JoomConnect 1.1 is coming soon - MSP Website Marketing Infrastructure at its finest!

  • Automate the collection of referrals from your clients.
  • Referrals are injected directly into ConnectWise as a Prospect.
  • ConnectWise Tracks & Marketing Groups can be applied to both referral and referee.
  • Tickets automatically generated for both referral and referee.
  • Track the referral process entirely with your ConnectWise Service Boards from start to finish!
  • Your Clients can see the status of their referral right from their CW Client Portal.
  • We can setup the entire process from referral to payment in your ConnectWise Service Boards or you can do it yourself.
  • Quick Referral "Directives" from Directive. Everything you need to setup your campaign including emails, tracks and ticket status messages.

Put your ConnectWise Service boards to even more good use. Quick referral can be used for other applications such as:

  • Dealer Lead Registration (with territories) (*Thanks to Phoenix Ortho)
  • Job Applications (tracked on your service boards)
  • Membership Applications (*Thanks to HTG Peer Groups)

If you don't have JoomConnect but still want to run your referral program in ConnectWise then you're in luck because we are sharing the entire process with our fellow ConnectWise partners for free!

Register on our site and sign up to our newsletter to know when Quick Referral and the free materials are launched.

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