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Leverage Seasonal Marketing for Rapport, Not Revulsion

Leverage Seasonal Marketing for Rapport, Not Revulsion

As time passes, seasons change, and with those changes come different avenues and opportunities that you may use to your marketing advantage. Simply put, some marketing tactics are just better suited for different times of year. Even so, they’ll still require a thoughtful and deliberate implementation.

A large part of running a successful initiative themed around a season is to understand the climate, in a manner of speaking, of your area. As you plan your initiative, you must be familiar with trends in society and business and their tendency to shift with the seasons. This means that you must be aware of a variety of variables as you plan out your marketing strategy. For instance, as the holiday season winds down, the use of seasonal B2C marketing is fully apparent. However, with a few changes in approach, there is no reason that B2B marketing can’t leverage similar factors in their approach as well.


This season is famous for many things, but one of its most applicable, least offensive ‘events’ is the seasonal tradition of Spring Cleaning. What better time than the universal day of clearing out the old to make way for the new, if you wanted to push for equipment upgrades and refreshes? While it may sound like a stretch, you may just stumble upon a market in search of new workstations after pecking away at their old ones for a long, dark winter.

Spring is also seen as a season of rebirth, as everything that was hidden away for the winter emerges into new life. This lends itself quite nicely as an opportune time to initiate a rebrand, if you’ve been on the fence about when to start one. If a full rebrand isn’t in the cards, you could take this opportunity to restart a lapsed or back-burner initiative, as your clients will be seeking to improve their own processes in the coming year.


While kids might count down to the beginning of summer, when they will be free from schools, many businesses may not be so thrilled about the hot summer months. After all, many of their employees may have children who they want to spend time with, now that school doesn’t interfere. However, even the most devoted parent may feel the itch to get some of their work done to avoid a huge pile of responsibilities waiting for them when they return. A mobile solution with cloud access would allow that worker to stay up-to-date and organized while out of the office, if they so chose. Reminding your clients of this scenario could very possibly lead to an increase of mobile-friendly technologies in their offices.

On the other end of the spectrum, summertime can also be host to some of the most unpleasant and destructive weather conditions there are. Coastal regions need to consider hurricanes, central regions can experience tornadoes, there’s no telling where or when the next weather emergency will strike. As a result, businesses located in the “strike zone” of such extreme weather patterns will need some way to be certain that their resources are protected. These businesses will likely be receptive to the idea of a Business Continuity solution, as their data will be too important for them to risk losing to a weather event.


Autumn is the world’s way of reminding us that winter is well on its way, and that we need to prepare for the long and cold months ahead. Each bright leaf falls, leaving the trees tall and barren, serving as a natural reminder of the effects of data loss. As such, this may be a good time to push your Business Continuity planning services and the accompanying solutions. After all, the world seems to be bracing itself for the ‘data loss’ that winter seems to represent, so why shouldn’t your clients take steps to do the same?

Shaping your marketing to the overarching concerns of the season not only allows you to strike a somewhat universal chord with everyone in your service area, but also allows you to avoid the potential pitfalls of basing your marketing entirely on specific holidays. After all, not all cultures and religions hold the same beliefs, and shaping your marketing to appeal mostly to a specific set of these groups could potentially alienate the others from your services.


While the extremity of the weather this season does vary depending on location, winter is still famous for being a pain to work around. However, if your service area happens to include an area that experiences intense weather conditions, there’s no reason not to capitalize on them in your marketing. For example, with such unpleasant weather conditions, it is likely that a lot of the workforce would not be able to safely travel to and from work every day. In some regions, they may not even be able to leave their house until the overworked plows have come through after a few hours have passed.

Cases like these could deliver an opportunity to market solutions that attend to the needs of local businesses. For example, to resolve the pain points of businesses experiencing the above scenario, it may be wise to push remote working solutions and best practices to securing mobile access to company documents. As a result, you are seen as a provider who can keep a company productive while preserving the safety of their employees.


To summarize, focusing your marketing to the season can be a very effective and relatable method to organizing your efforts. As long as you maintain a mostly generic and secular approach, with emphasis on the generic part during the holidays, your marketing should be able to hit just the right tone with your targeted audience.

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