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JoomConnect FAQs - April 2014

JoomConnect FAQs - April 2014

The FAQ section of the JoomConnect Newsletter is designed to answer questions that we receive often about both JoomConnect and the MSP Website.

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Q: What are your recommended best practices for handling a new lead or prospect?

A: We've recently updated our guide for Processing a New Lead / Prospect in ConnectWise. The unique identifier for JoomConnect to ConnectWise is the contacts email address. You can receive notices of a new entry from the ticket, activity as well as you can also have the form results emailed to you, a team member or a group of people. However what we also recommend is to at a minimum once a day check your Company records for JCWEB in the Company ID. You can get the guide here.

Q: I have users in ConnectWise that are part of a "Newsletter" group. Do those same contacts need to be listed in the "User Manager" in Joomla?

A: Yes. The contacts will need to become users and the way you update the contacts in your marketing group into users on your website is by following the steps below:

  1. Login to the administrator section of your website.
  2. Navigate to the Components menu and click JoomConnect.
  3. Once you are in JoomConnect click the Contact Management button.
  4. On the Contact Management page you can select which company's contacts you want to generate passwords for by selecting a company from the Select Company field near the top of the page.
  5. Once you have selected a company you must select a portal security level (ConnectWise portal security level) for the contacts to be assigned to by selecting a level from the Select Portal Security Level field.
  6. Then click the checkbox next to the contacts you want to generate passwords for.
  7. Finally, click the Generate Random Password(s) button located at the top of the page.

If you are generating passwords for a large number of contacts the process may take a few minutes before it completes. This process will transform the contacts into users.

Q: I have created an automation template and form. How can I display a 'processing' message after the user submits the form?

After you have created the automation template please follow the steps below to enable the form processing message.

  1. Log in to your website's administrator section if you are not already logged in.
  2. Navigate to the Extensions menu and click Module Manager.
  3. Create a new Quick Signup module if you have not created one already for the automation template.
  4. On the module page scroll down to the Advanced Options and click the Advanced Options header to open the options.
  5. Click the Yes button for the Show Form Processing Message field.
  6. Paste in the following text in the Form Processing Message field:
                     Processing your form submission please wait.
  7. Click the Save & Close button at the top of the page.
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