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How To Market Your MSP During COVID-19

How To Market Your MSP During COVID-19

Marketing your MSP services can be difficult during the best of times, so it's no wonder many MSPs are having trouble gaining leads right now. Despite the uncertainty, now is not the time to stop your marketing efforts. If you don't market your services, you won't be able to attract any leads. If you aren't sure how to start, here are six ways to market your MSP during the pandemic.

Six Ways To Market Your MSP During COVID-19

Review your lead list: Reach out to clients, existing and potential to keep your services top of mind for when they need them. Better yet, explain why they need and how your services can benefit their business. A well-maintained lead list will provide a variety of opportunities to remind potential customers of the services you offer and is a vital resource because they are already familiar with your MSP.

If you have older prospects that you’ve kept over the years, now is the time to check up on them. They might not be in a position to spend a lot of money, but they may need help that you can provide.

Adapt to the new normal: Social distancing means you may not be able to visit your client’s location, as you did pre-coronavirus. Instead, focus on your remote services, such as monitoring and maintenance. Ensure that if your team must visit a client, your team has the tools needed to go on-site (masks, gloves, and other forms of PPE). If your service stack is set up to rarely need to go onsite, that is a huge point to boast about when lining yourself up with MSPs and computer shops who aren’t as well equipped. 

Create topical content: Use content to market your services to clients’ current pain points, (remote access, video conferencing, security, VPNs, saving money, etc.) and how they can benefit from your service. Your custom content, such as blogs, social media, and direct mail, can help your clients know that you understand their concerns and plan to help them continue running their business.

Promote your services not as a temporary bandage, but as a permanent solution to the new normal: Many businesses are doing things like updating their websites to better work with mobile, adding better credit card integration, and ensuring their team can work remotely. While the catalyst for these changes was the need for their business to remain productive while social distancing, they would have been great updates to their technology regardless of the current crisis. Now is the time to help them recognize other services and solutions available to them to increase their productivity in the long term.

Communicate: Make sure you regularly communicate with clients, existing and potential. Social media is a great tool for doing this. Moreover, ensure that they can easily reach you by enabling a variety of methods to do so. Consider investing in a live-chat module and closely monitor your contact forms; you must follow up with your clients. This is your opportunity to show clients/potential clients that you can function during the crisis and ensure that their business can.

Again, the ball is in your court to check in on accounts that have gone quiet.

Develop a marketing plan: While the first five steps are great ideas (here are five more marketing tactics), and if implemented will go a long way to increasing your opportunities to develop leads, during the pandemic they are merely tactics. To effectively market your MSP, you must have a strategy, a means to combine all the steps into one all-encompassing plan to guide your messaging. 

Marketing Your MSP Never Stops

The bottom line is you need to be marketing your MSP. All the excuses many MSPs use not to use social media or to market their services have only gotten more intense during these difficult times. Yet, the reality is there are a substantial number of businesses that have need of your services, but they don’t know where to look. Marketing allows you the opportunity to inform them of your services and how you can help them. If you do not market, they may not even know your MSP even exists, let alone that you can give them the solutions they need to remain in business.  

Worried About Generating Leads For Your MSP During The Crisis?

It’s safe to say there aren’t any industries that haven’t been affected by the coronavirus crisis. Whether a small, medium, or enterprise-level organization, the new normal has become just the normal. MSPs will need to stop waiting for the business environment to return to as it was pre-coronavirus and adapt to the world post-coronavirus. 

The most important step an MSP must do to adapt to the current business environment is to explore methods to continue to generate leads. Despite the natural reaction for many businesses to drawback during trying times, they still need your services. They need them more than ever, but they may not be aware of it… yet. They will only know what solutions you can offer if you tell them, which means you need to market your MSP.

If you’re not sure how to develop a marketing plan for your MSP, we can help. Call 888-546-4384 today to schedule an appointment or complete this form, and we’ll work with you to develop a marketing plan designed for MSPs like you.

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