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Has Your ‘About Us’ Page Forgotten What It’s About?

Has Your ‘About Us’ Page Forgotten What It’s About?

The About Us page is potentially one of the most important parts of your website, but is sadly forgotten about underneath the immense pile of other content your business has. What a lot of people fail to realize is that without a proper About Us page, you run the risk of a disconnection with your audience, as well as prospective leads not knowing how to contact you.

There are several things that a successful About Us page should include. Ask yourself the following questions if you’re not sure if your About Us page is substantial:

  • Does your About Us page contain contact information for your business?
  • Does the page explicitly mention what your business is good at?
  • Does your About Us page make you look authoritative in reference to your business’s specialty?
  • Is your About Us page informal and fun?

Contact Information is the Heart of Your Business

One of the best places for your business’s contact information is in the About Us section of your page. It is likely the first place any prospective client or partner will visit when investigating your company. If they like what they see, the contact information will be a welcome sight, alleviating the pain of finding it somewhere else on your website. Even if your contact information is found in the header or footer of your business’s website, it is still a good idea to include the information on your About Us page. This is particularly important if a client is looking to contact a member of your team specifically.

What is Your Business’s Forté?

If people have to browse your website just to find out what your business does, they won’t like it. It’s a simple question with a simple answer. What does your business do? What makes it different from those around it? Your website’s visitors should be able to tell what your business does almost immediately. Too often businesses focus on filling their websites with jargon that the average Joe won’t understand, so take a little time to explain what you do and what services you provide in plain terms, without getting too in-depth. And keep in mind: the more complicated your text is, the more time people will need to sift through it all and find your contact information.

Make Yourself Sound Like the Professional You Are

Anyone can offer a service, but what makes your business different? The About Us section is a great place to mention why your business is the best. You can include links to press releases, testimonials, and other information which shows off how great your business is. The more you can impress the client on your About Us page, the more likely they will be to follow through and contact you.

Don’t Forget to Be Fun and Entertaining

When looking for a prospective partner, people will look to the About Us section to get a good grasp on what your company’s vision is. If your About Us page makes your company’s motto scream “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” nobody is going to want to do business with you. The About Us page is a great place to showcase some creative ability, and to have some fun.

The About Us page is also a great place to make your business seem human. Nobody wants to read dry sales copy over and over again, especially in the About Us section of your website. Take this opportunity to make your staff seem like fun, personable people. This will make the About Us page more fun to read, and it will draw in viewers.

With a powerful About Us section on your website, you’re sure to attract more prospective clients and increase your business’s professionalism. We’d love to hear about your About Us pages. Do you have any specific type of strategy when it comes to displaying company contact information? Let us know in the comments.

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