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Happy National Tell a Joke Day!


 In honor of this day we figured you could always use a few marketing-related jokes, right? So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite marketing related jokes for you! Enjoy!




It's National Joke Day?... Oh crop, I forgot


Q: Why did the woman dump her marketer boyfriend?

A: Lack of engagement.

Where is waldo in the buyer's journey?

Q: Knock, knock!

A: Who’s there?

Q: Remarketing!

A: Remarketing, who?

Q: Knock, knock!

A: Who’s there?

Q: Remarketing!


An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, pub, tavern, public house, irish pub, drinks, beer, alcohol, liquor store, taxi services, hangover cures


After a wholesome life, a man dies. He's at the pearly gates. Saint Peter says "Oh, sorry, you aren't on my list."
The man, shocked, says "But I was so good. I worked hard. I always did everything I was supposed to do. I never lied or cheated. I did everything the good book said to do!"
Peter replies, "Sorry, we changed the algorithm. You didn't have enough friends."

Powerpoint coma

Q: What is a black hat SEO’s favorite food?

A: Spam


Q: Why did the SEO expert cross the road?

A: To get hit with traffic.


Q: How many marketers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None -- they've automated it.

pizza storytelling

Q: What's a pirate's favorite thing about marketing?

A: Thee arrrrrrROI!


Q: What movie features a marketer stuck on a deserted island?

A: Web-Cast Away.


Q: What's a telemarketer's favorite song?

A: Answer my call, maybe.


Q: Why couldn’t the marketer sell his baking equipment?

A: He had a leaky funnel.


Q: What’s a pirate’s favorite content format?

A: WebinARRR! Preferably one that’s B2Sea.


Q: Why can’t the marketer go see live musicals anymore?

A: He keeps trying to capture the leads.


effective communications seminar

Q: Why did the marketer get fired as a tap dancer?

A: She wanted to get paid per click.


Q: What kind of marketing does Dracula do?

A: a-COUNT based marketing!


Q: Why did the marketer fail at honey harvesting?

A: Instead of tapping the hive, he insisted on going B2B.

tired of drug advertisements

Q: Why did the marketer burn his initials into a leather jacket?

A: He was working on his personal brand.


Q: What do black hat SEO’s put in their Thanksgiving turkey?

A: Keyword stuffing!


Q: What’s a social media marketer’s favorite kind of cracker?

A: Insta-Grahams!


target market

Q: What do you call a cow with a blog post stamped on its skin?

A: Branded content!


Q: Why did the social media marketer get kicked out of the bowling alley?

A: She kept trying to sponsor the pins!


Q: Did you hear about the new tactic where you co-create content with ill celebrities?

A: It’s called influenza marketing. It’s really going viral.


Did you hear about the marketer who imitates celebrities? He’s quite the bargain. He only charges per thousand impressions.


My accountant asked me “What’s your net pay?” So I said, “About 2 cents per click.


Key roles on a conference call: facilitator, time-keeper, scribe, and scapegoat.


emoji tweet


What is a pirate’s favourite PPC metric? —- CT-Rrrrrrrrr


Why do SEOs love the farmer’s market? —- Lots of organic content

 email spam

We hope you got a laugh out of these marketing related jokes and comics! Have any of your own? We’d love to hear them in the comments! Check back to our blog for more marketing related humor, and our Tech Toons Comics for our originals!



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