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MSP Marketing: Facebook 101 - Setting Up Your Facebook Page [Social Media 101]

Facebook 101 - Branding Your Facebook Page [Social Media 101]

As part of your MSP Marketing strategy, you need your social media presence to represent your company in a positive manner. By taking the time to properly set up and brand your pages, you can strengthen your brand authority and recognition amongst those who stumble upon any one of your social media channels.

This blog will talk about how to best set up your Facebook Business Page.

Getting Set Up

Before you can create a page for your business, you have to have your own personal Facebook account. Make sure that this is a real account, and not a fake one set up to manage your Facebook page. If you’re not a huge fan of Facebook, you can hide your personal profile and use that to manage your page.

When setting up your page, you’ll need to give Facebook information about your industry, website, location, hours, company information (which we’ll go into in a bit), and the Facebook url that you desire. You definitely want to personalize your Facebook url so it is simplified and professional.

About Your Company

There is a lot of information that you can provide in your Facebook ‘About’ tab:

  • General: The information that you can provide under this section includes a Description and the Category or Categories in which your business falls into. 
  • Contact Info: Here, you should provide your company’s phone number, email, website address, and social media links. 
  • Location: Under this section, you can provide information on your address, whether or not your business is located inside a larger place, information on parking, and information on public transit. 
  • More Info: In this section, you should include your business hours, can add an Impressum, price range, products, a company overview, when you were founded, awards that you have won, and a link to your privacy policy.

Note that the way this information appears on your page may not be in this order and under that respective category; this is how Facebook organizes the information when you are editing your About Page details.

A slightly newer section that you can choose to add is the ‘Our Story’ section. This story appears to the right of this ‘About’ information in a different font under an image of your choice, and displays to the right of your page’s feed. This allows you to add a short blurb about your company. The first 100 characters are the most important, as these are what are displayed in the preview of this section.


Keep the following in mind when it comes to your Facebook Business Page graphics:

  • Profile Picture: This image should have a 1:1 aspect ratio and be at least 180 x 180px. We recommend using a version of your logo that would be readable in this size. 
  • Our Story Image: If you choose to use this section, the image that you choose should be 1200 x 445px. Note that only 800px from the left side of your image is displayed in the preview of this section.
  • Cover Image: Sizing your cover image correctly is a bit more difficult because these photos appear differently on desktop vs. mobile. To make sure nothing is cut off and that your image is properly sized, don’t include anything important in the top, bottom, left, or right of your cover image. Stay in the “Safe Zone”, like pictured in the image mockup below.

Facebook Cover Image Specs Mockup

Keep in mind that Facebook compresses your images. The bigger they are, the more high quality that they will appear to be. We recommend doubling these dimensions so that your cover image is 1,702 x 630px.

Facebook also allows for videos to be used in the cover image area. That video must be 4GB or less and should follow the same visibility guidelines as pictured above.

Additional Tips to Improve Your Facebook Business Page

Outside of branding your page with the above, you can do more to make sure that your Facebook marketing is effective.

  • Upload Videos: Instead of sharing videos from your YouTube channel to your Facebook page, consider uploading them to Facebook directly so those who visit your page can access all of them without having to leave Facebook. 
  • Create Albums: When you have multiple images to upload to your Facebook page, do so in an album! It gives your page followers something engaging to flip through. You can consider adding images to older albums, which gives you the choice to show that the album has been updated in the feed of your Business Page. 
  • Personalization: You can customize (rearrange and turn on/off) the tabs on the left-hand side of your page. Facebook also has templates that you can use that come with a default CTA button and tabs. 
  • Maintain an Active Account: You should be posting at least once per day to your Facebook page. These posts should often link back to your website to drive traffic
  • Boosting & Campaigns: You can boost your Facebook posts or run campaigns to get your posts in front of people who wouldn’t otherwise see them. 
  • Monitor Engagement: Make sure you are checking your page frequently so no message, comment, or question is missed. You can set up automated responses in Facebook Messenger to make things slightly easier.

Need Help Getting Set Up?

If you're ready to take your MSP marketing to the next level, stay tuned for the other parts of our Social Media Setup Guide to learn how to brand your other social media channels, and keep up with other Facebook how-to blogs by following our Facebook 101 blogs.

We can also take the work out of getting you set up and branded on social media through two of our social media marketing services. If you want us to set up your channels for you, then the Ultimate Social Media Rig is just what you need! Pair it with Social Media as a Service to get professionally written posts, shared to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter every day.

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