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Prospects Turn Into Leads

Prospects Turn Into Leads

The main objective of a lead nurturing campaign is to push prospects on an educational path that moves them down into a qualification process and will result in a prospect that is highly qualified and ready to enter the sales process. To sum it up, it is a process by which leads are tracked and developed into sales-qualified leads. Two helpful tips before you begin guiding prospects on the sales journey; establish what “sales ready” means to your sales team and only put forth prospects that are ready and worthy of a salesperson’s team.


Stage 1: Captivate and Engage

Get your new email subscriber excited and engaged by starting them on a drip campaign that will introduce them about your product and services by sending them helpful but creative content. Depending on the type of lead there are a few different styles of campaigns to implement:

  • Welcome Campaign: Start by providing light educational content to build awareness and keep them interested. Remind them of why they are converting to your company. Treat these clients differently that have been with you for an extended period.
  • Top-of-Mind Campaign: This campaign is designed to be used for prospects that are not sales-ready. The process can take longer than usual because you must engage with them at regular intervals to prevent the leads from forgetting about you. Have white papers, videos, webinars, infographics, blog posts and other relevant industry related news ready to send.
  • Re-Engagement Campaign: This campaign is for the prospects that have gone cold. The goal is to tap into the inactive leads and encourage them to take action. By sending interactive content, a case study, a white paper, or even a blog post could get their attention

Stage 2: Enlighten and Educate

Tailor your marketing campaign to the interests and needs for the potential buyer. The transition from buyer to an educated buyer, this happens by “dripping” helpful and relevant content to them over a period of time.

  • Product-Focused Campaign: This campaign is the straightforward approach to solving the potential client’s pain point. Sending client testimonials pertaining to similar circumstances or a white paper that addresses the problem will focus on the prospect’s needs for a solution.
  • Competitive Drips: This is your opportunity to showcase the advantages of your products and services your company provides compared to competitors. Point out any disadvantages without directly pointing out their flaws.

Stage 3: Close the Deal

Bring your prospects closer to closing the deal. Focus on positioning your company as the industry expert. Give them a gentle push in the right direction with a well-timed promotion or a special discount on a service or product cost to catch their eye.

  • Industry Expertise Drips: Designed for prospects at the middle to bottom of the sales funnel. Reinforce the idea that your organization is the only option. Pass along information that establishes your authority in your industry.
  • Promotional Drips: When a qualified prospect reaches the bottom of the funnel hit them with a promotion or discount to get them to pull the trigger.

Stage 4: Preserve and Retain

The work is far from over when your prospect becomes a customer. Begin by introducing them to other services and products you provide. Think about the customers that are nearing the end of their contracts. How are you going to get them to come back?

  • Onboarding Campaign: This is the welcoming process for new clients; addressing their concerns, answering any questions, and ensuring they have a complete understanding of the services available to them. Automation gives the client started off on their own without waiting on a customer service representative.
  • Upsell Drips: Look no further than the current pool of clients you currently have, capitalize on them. Provide them with information and incentives on the products that they are currently using compared to other services you offer. Drive up their revenue with the help of the sales team.
  • Renewal Campaign: This drip needs to be scheduled to launch a month or so before their renewal date. It is a friendly reminder that their contract is up and it is time to renew it. Send email reminders over a period of time to the point of contact. Give them no option to miss their renewal date.


It is all about finding the best lead nurturing campaign strategy to turn your suspects into qualified prospects and keeping them for the long run. If you need assistance with the planning and execution of a marketing campaign, our marketing team at JoomConnect is available at your call. Contact us today!

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