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Advanced Printed Newsletter Techniques for MSP's

newsletter-transparent At JoomConnect not only do we provide the ultimate website integration and automation for MSP's and IT service providers running ConnectWise, but we also provide Managed Marketing Provider services as well. One of the things we do (help us get the word out and re-post or click like) and we haven't talked about it a whole lot yet is; MSP and IT based E-Newsletters and Printed Newsletters. We don't just make the Newsletters we also, email them, post them to your website, print them, fold, collate, handle the postage and delivery to your prospects and clients mailbox.

In November our partners will be getting these new features for their websites and the Ultimate MSP Newsletter.  We have added QR Codes to your blog and newsletter articles on your website. Why is this cool on the web? It makes it easy for anyone with a tablet, iPad or smart phone to scan the QR Code and grab the article from your site and take it with them to read somewhere else.


It also helps us when we are putting together your Newsletter to include them on the printed version! Check on the pics below. We've also started adding links (url shortner) so your Newsletter subscribers can quickly get to the articles online to participate by commenting, and sharing the article with friends on their social media networks.  This also means we can track it in the ConnectWise Campaign Monitor with JoomConnect.


MSP's are some of the most advanced companies in the world, and their Newsletter should be too! Tell us what you think!

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