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5 Reasons Why Your MSP Should be on Social Media

5 Reasons Why Your MSP Should be on Social Media

To many small business owners, especially those in the arena of serving other businesses, social media seems like a waste of time. You’re not selling a brand new, up-and-coming consumer product, you’re a managed service provider trying to sell businesses various IT-related services to other business. So, what’s the point of trying to compete for attention in online spaces filled with baby pictures, memes, and funny animal videos? Why should you even bother?

Here are some things you might not have considered:

1. You Can Connect with Business Decision Makers

Business decision makers are people too; they are likely on social media just as much as the average person. In fact, some studies suggest that they utilize social media even more frequently than most people. So, social media is just as great a place to reach these decision makers as any other. And, to reach those who aren’t yet connected to your page, you have the ability to run campaigns or boost your posts on the major social media platforms.

2. You Can Manage Your Online Reputation

A huge benefit of social media is that you can start to get control of your online reputation in a place where many will be turning to as a way to figure out what kind of company you are. Let us demonstrate why this is important.

You may not know this, but Facebook will create an Unofficial Page for your business if you do not have one and a user is trying to check-in or leave a review and/or comment about you. Once it is created, users can easily find this page if searching for you through Google or social media. On these pages, people can leave ratings and reviews about the service that you provide and comment on posts left by other people.

Without control of the page, these ratings and reviews can run rampant. And, why is this scary? Because, unbeknownst to you, people could be leaving bad reviews. These reviews, left publically unaddressed, will deter prospects from learning more about what you do. In fact, 86% of people hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews. When you consider that approximately 97% of people read online reviews to find a local business, this can be detrimental to your company.

If you own and manage your Facebook page, you can publically address these reviews and attempt to mitigate them. By doing this in a public space like social media, it will show your company’s dedication to customer service.

3. You Can Engage with Clients and Prospects

When you post on social media, individuals can comment on your posts, like them, or share them. When you manage a business page, you can do the same as your page rather than your own account. So, you can start conversations with individuals as your business, or show your appreciation through liking and sharing. This can help strengthen your relationship with those you interact with and solidify the idea of your brand in their mind.

4. You Can Show off Your Fun Side

Social media is the best place to show off your company culture. For example, it doesn’t typically make sense to share pictures of your Halloween party on your website or any of your marketing materials. But, fun company-related events like this can be great for your marketing because it shows that you’re not just some entity contained in a building that’s designed to drain your clients of every last’re a group of people, just like them, you like to have fun every now and then.

Sharing this sort of thing on social media shows how much you care about your employees, which helps give off the impression to your clients and prospects that you’ll care about them just as much. It also bodes well for your recruitment efforts.

5. You Can Direct People to Your Website

Getting people to your website should be your ultimate marketing goal. And, you can do this through social media by providing links to your website. This will be most effective if you include an image, and give them a reason to click.

Of course there are many more reasons why you should get your business on social media - we are only scratching the surface. If you need more of a push in getting your business on social media, we can take care of the work it takes setting up the pages for you with the help of our Ultimate Social Media Rig. To learn more about the value of social media, contact us today!

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