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3 Ways to Handle Fake or False Customer Reviews

3 Ways to Handle Fake or False Customer Reviews

Maintaining your business’ reputation can be hard in today's age when there are so many ways and places for people to share exactly what they think about your business, whether it be correct or even true! Unfortunately, some people share fake or false accounts of their interactions with a business, and oftentimes, the business is unable to outright remove those comments. So, here is what you do if you ever find your business facing this problem:

1. Report the Comment(s)

Luckily enough, the commonly used platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook Business allow you to report a comment to have it removed as they have policies in place against fake reviews and defamation. Look into the removal policies for the platform in question to see if this applies to you.

2. Respond to the Comment(s)

Sometimes your response to the situation can improve it. Reach out to the reviewer, and politely debunk the comment, and explain how what they’re saying is false. Addressing their complaint can help to improve their perspective of your business and may even encourage them to remove the post.

3. Bury the Comment(s)

If reporting and responding fail, try burying it. You can bury any false comments with positive ones. While the negative comment may have a negative impact, it certainly is not the end of the world or your business. A positive review could counteract any negative comment. We suggest going to your clients and asking them to leave feedback and share their experience working with you and your team. You can ask your clients to leave feedback with our Tech Feedback Card and avoid all of the awkwardness!

If All Else Fails, Come To Us

If you exhaust all of your options, there is always us! Give us a call at 888-546-4384 and we’ll help you with maintaining your business’ reputation and any of your other marketing needs

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