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What Can a JoomConnect Form Do?

What Can a JoomConnect Form Do?

Our JoomConnect integrations help to automate a lot of critical processes for managed service providers to make their sales, service and marketing efforts standardized and simplified. We wanted to take a few moments to dive into some of the capabilities that a form on your website’s landing pages can offer in conjunction with ConnectWise Manage and Autotask.

Create New Companies in ConnectWise / AutoTask with a Form Submission

If a visitor fills out a form on one of your website’s landing pages, the information it contains will be compared to the records in your ConnectWise Manage or Autotask PSA to see if the name and email match any that you’ve collected so far. If not, you have a choice to have a new company created using this information or add them to an existing company like your CATCHALL. 

With ConnectWise Manage, you can choose to attach the contact to an existing company based on the domain name in their email address. 

Of course, the contact creation is just the start of how your forms and your ConnectWise Manage or Autotask PSA can play nicely with one another.

Your Forms Can Automate Sales, Marketing and Support Processes in PSA

Let’s go over the capabilities that your forms can provide.

Generating a Service Ticket

Your forms can kick off the creation of a new service ticket, applied to any service board or ticket category in any status you’ve defined as an option. Working ahead of time, you can dictate how certain tickets will be configured—what kind of ticket it is, how much time can be given to it, things like that—and provide the different notes that each ticket needs to have, amongst other functions.

Let’s break it down:

  • Create a service ticket on whatever board / category you specify. That ticket can be created in any status on that board.
  • ConnectWise Manage: Apply Type, Subtype, Item, Service Priority, Source, Budget Hours, Assign a ticket owner, and add other resources to the ticket. 
  • Autotask:  Set Issue Type, Sub Issue Type, Ticket Type, Priority, Due Date, Queue, and add other resources to the ticket.
  • You can have the ticket display whatever Summary / Ticket Title you want, and the Description can be any messaging you want the user to receive when the ticket gets generated. There are tags too, so you can have this message personalized based on the information the form collects, so we usually recommend starting it out with "Hi [first_name],"
  • ConnectWise Manage: You can also put in internal notes for the ticket when it gets generated.

Generating a Sales Activity / Account To Do or Opportunity

Your forms can also create a new Sales Activity / Account To Do, with many of the important details filled in. This also sets a due date in ConnectWise Manage, applying it to the applicable campaign and assigning the right people to do the needful. 

  • ConnectWise Manage: You can have an activity generated with the Subject line you want, the Status you want, and the Activity Type.
  • You can set the due date of the activity for a specific date or a specific number of days in the future.
  • When setting the activity to a specific date, you can set it for a specific time and have it remind the resource assigned to the activity by setting an amount of time before it is due.
  • You can apply the activity to a campaign.
  • You can assign the activity to a specific person (or persons).
  • You can provide notes for the activity.

When it comes to your sales Opportunities, they can also be tied to your campaigns (ConnectWise Manage) and have different information clarified in them.

  • You can generate a sales opportunity, which can be tied to a campaign (ConnectWise Manage).
  • You would give the opportunity a name, and you can optionally set the Probability, Opportunity Type/Rating, Opportunity Status, Stage, Rating, Sales Rep, Inside Sales Rep and more.
  • You can provide notes within the opportunity.

Applying Marketing Groups and Tracks

Marketing Groups are used for a lot of things, such as segmenting out users who are interested in different services, different industry types, different demographics, etc., or setting up email lists for different campaigns. For example, your monthly newsletter list would be a marketing group. You have the ability to add the submitter or remove them from any marketing groups you have available. 

Applying Tracks (ConnectWise Manage)

Tracks are great to use with drip marketing campaigns. If you set up a track in ConnectWise Manage, you can automate different things to happen over time, such as sending out an email once a week and scheduling a sales activity (or more) to follow up with the contact after x-number of days. These are extremely valuable to use in marketing initiatives and campaigns, because it can keep touching the contact and help drive them through the process. Once you've set up the track in ConnectWise, we are able to assign it to the contact referenced in the form.

Finally, after the form is submitted, you'll want to consider what you are doing with that user after. After a form submission, you'll dump them onto a success page. That success page should try to keep them on the website if possible. Offering links to other resources or blogs is a good idea, especially if you know you won't be able to call them within minutes of their form submission.

Send Email

Depending on the form submitted you may want to have an email sent to the submitter thanking them for registering for your event or thanking them for their interest in your risk assessment and what they can expect next. The email is compatible with HTML if you are looking to include images or branding. 

Want to Hear More About What JoomConnect Can Do?

Contact us for a demo or for questions! We’re happy to provide answers to any questions you have about ConnectWise or our JoomConnect platform. Reach out at 888-546-4384 today.
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