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Three Ways to Market Your MSP to Your Community

Three Ways to Market Your MSP to Your Community

Unfortunately, if you’re like most MSPs, you’re not promoting your services in a way that reaches the local businesses that may need these services. Are you doing everything you can to introduce your business to, and explain how you can help, your local community?

Three Ways To Introduce Your MSP

For the better part of two decades, MSP marketing has consisted of designing a website, doing some SEO, writing a blog or having a social media account, and waiting for the phone to ring. However, traditionally, the actual business generator has been word of mouth, driving leads to your business with little effort on your part.

In today's business environment, most interactions occur virtually via email, chat, and even video; word of mouth is a thing of a simpler time. Fortunately, there are still ways your business can meet and engage with potential customers. These ways include the social proof of your capabilities modern audiences expect before they make a decision and the face-to-face interactions you are used to.

The best way to solve both challenges is by developing relationships with different businesses, working as partners with some while mentoring others. Here are three ways to introduce your MSP to local companies.

  1. 1. Partner with Local Businesses and Nonprofits

The main benefit of partnering with local businesses is that it allows you to connect with audiences you usually wouldn’t have access to, increasing your brand awareness, and reach. Additionally, such partnerships can be a low-cost investment requiring more time and expertise. 

Successful partnerships include teaming up with a business that compliments yours. For example, as an MSP, a good partnership would be with your local home security company, as many of their services rely on you. As an MSP, your partnership opportunities are endless because you touch on many areas any industry can benefit from.

Some things to consider when developing a partnership with another business are whether they are a good fit and how they benefit your business. In today’s business environment, you are judged by the company you keep, and if your partner doesn’t have the best reputation in your area, then there is a strong chance that their ill will may transfer over to you.

You can also just simply look for opportunities to sponsor local organizations. Sponsor little league games to get your logo below the bleachers, help out at your local animal shelter and build strong relationships with the people who pour their time into the community. Usually these people have a strong following, and if you are giving back, they probably won’t be shy to recommend your services.

  1. 2. Share Your Success Stories On Social Media

Let's face it; “managed services” isn't likely to trend on social media anytime soon. If you want to tell your community how your services have helped other businesses and, therefore, can help them, you have to tell them. Unfortunately, as noted, very few people follow social media posts from MSPs. However, you can still connect with them, and one way to do so is by partnering with other local businesses with a solid social media presence, allowing you to increase your reach. 

As we mentioned earlier, there's a benefit to partnering with other businesses, one being able to reach audiences you usually wouldn't be able to, allowing you to reach potential customers who are interested in your services but didn't know you existed. These collaborations can help increase your reach and build brand awareness, driving sales. The best way to take advantage of this opportunity is by offering competitions, giveaways, success stories, and informational posts, such as shoutouts, current events, etc.

  1. 3. Participate With Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Network, network, network! As a business-to-business organization, you need to be in contact with other businesses. While your MSP website is a great resource, most of your business will come from local companies, and you need a reliable method to meet them. You need to have as much contact with local businesses as possible to generate local leads for your MSP. This is where your local Chamber of Commerce can be an invaluable resource to increase your name recognition and introduce your services.

If you’re not already a member of your area’s Chamber of Commerce or rarely participate, now is the time to make a change. By not being a chamber member, you are missing opportunities to introduce (promote) your services to your primary audience, local businesses. Moreover, your Chamber can provide the tools to help you connect with those businesses when suitable.

Making the most of your Chamber membership requires offering something of value. By making your partnership with them mutually beneficial, you are more likely to get their support in your networking endeavors. A great way to do this is by offering wisdom-sharing events to introduce critical technology-based areas of concern for businesses, such as cybersecurity or data backup. Remember, the goal of these events isn’t to make a sale (no one buys a server as an impulse buy) but to plant the seeds that you are a resource for solutions in the future. 

Finally, ensure you schedule more than one event; like all marketing, repetition is necessary to become top of mind. You must also attend meetings, participate, and try to network with the other attendees. 

Are You Going it Alone in Regards to Your MSP Marketing?

The one takeaway from this blog is the importance of relationship-building when marketing your MSP. Understandably, while most modern businesses have focused many resources on digital marketing to generate leads, they still need to remember the importance of face-to-face engagements.

You do not have to go alone; we have services designed to get you face-to-face with potential leads. For example, our Meet the Company campaign offers to introduce your company and services to them through a direct mail campaign. Social Media as a Service helps you expand the reach of your MSP, making your social media presence something another businesses would like to partner with. Finally, our Lead List service enables you to build a list of quality MSP leads.

If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been providing the results you’re looking for, perhaps it’s time for a change. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you develop a marketing plan that reflects your goals.

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