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The Pros & Cons of Marketing Automation

The Pros & Cons of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows businesses to maximize the use of the time they set aside for marketing their business. Careful planning and online software programs will replace a portion of your MSP’s marketing effort, allowing you to use the time that would have been used for marketing elsewhere. With marketing automation, an MSP can continue marketing to their website’s visitors and prospects long after the initial contact. 

Marketing automation will boost a business’ social media presence and drive traffic and leads back to the business’ website. When properly planned and correctly implemented, there are many benefits of marketing automation. Unfortunately, there are also some negatives when marketing is automated. Learn more about some of the pros and cons of marketing automation.


  1. Generate Leads & Grows Social Media Presence
    • a. A steady stream of content will provide chances for engagement as well as keep your company in the minds of your audience and prospects, so whenever they need a service you provide, your business will be the first they think of.
  2. Numerous Programs Available
    • a. There are several marketing automation softwares out there that you can choose from. There are also some free, but limited, options out there like HootSuite and
  3. Time Efficient
    • a. Automating some of your marketing efforts will help to save your MSP a lot of time and resources. 


  1. Customers Want to Interact with A Real Person
    • a. A human element is necessary, if your posts are generic and you do not reply to comments or questions, people will get the sense that the page isn’t relatable because of how “fake” the page appears. 
  2. An Added Expense
    • a. Marketing automation software is rarely free to use, again however, there are ones like HootSuite and, that offer free, limited plans.
  3. Can Cause Your Audience to Feel Overwhelmed
    • a. It is very easy to overwhelm your audience and prospects by communicating too frequently using automation software.

Automate Anyway!

Despite the cons, automating your MSP’s marketing is still one of the best things you can do for your business’ marketing effort. Marketing is moving toward social media platforms, it only makes sense to begin automating your MSP’s marketing now, you don’t want to be the only business at a disadvantage in the future. If you need help keeping your MSP’s marketing current and ahead of your competitors, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 888-546-4384.
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