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Should I Be Using Emojis in My MSP Email Subject Lines?

Should I Be Using Emojis in My MSP Email Subject Lines?

At this point, we’re all familiar with the little blobby images we call emojis… and you’ve likely seen them in some marketing materials at some point. Chances are, these marketing materials were in the form of an email. Let’s examine this concept, and review some practices to help you most effectively use emojis in your marketing emails.

Are Emojis an Effective Addition to B2B Marketing Emails?

This is the key question, and one that people are still split on, if we’re being honest. This makes it important to consider some of the pros and cons to determine if it is something worthwhile for you to engage in.

The Good

  • Emojis in the subject line can result in a 56% increase in open rates, unique openings increasing by 29% and unique click rates increasing by 28%.
  • Emojis can also draw the eye to your message in the huge block of text that most inboxes nowadays are composed of.
  • Emojis can also communicate a lot in a little space (a picture is worth a thousand words, after all) saving you characters. This is crucial, when the ideal subject line length is said to be around 41 characters.
  • Emojis are actually a substitute for body language in written text, which makes up about 70% of verbal communication.

The Bad

  • Properly using emojis in your marketing takes time, as trends change and the perceived meanings of different emojis shift.
  • Using emojis too much can land your emails in the spam folder.
  • A lot of brands have begun to use emojis, which means using emojis yourself might make your emails stand out less.
  • The wrong emoji could negatively influence the impression of your brand through misinterpretation.

Could Emojis Benefit My MSP's Marketing?

Based on what we’ve gone over, the most accurate answer is that it depends. Like we said, emojis draw the eye, so maybe yes, but at the same time, there’s the risk of landing in the spam folder if it is overdone.

Basically, it all depends on finding the right balance.

Of course, reaching out to us can help. As a respected MSP marketing agency, we have the experience to help you guide all your marketing efforts—including email—to strike the right balance as you promote your managed services.

Learn more about what we can do for you by calling 888-546-4384 today!

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