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How to Build An Effective ‘About Us’ Page


Your clients want to learn as much as they can about you before they make the decision to do business with you. This means that they will be scouring your website in an attempt to learn as much about you as possible before they decide to actually reach out to you. One of the places they’re almost guaranteed to visit is your ‘About Us’ page. Are they going to like what they see?

 Your ‘About Us’ Page

Your ‘About Us’ Page is the place you summarize everything your company does and what you stand for. If done right, it can help humanize your company and showcase you as the solution to the pain points that your target audience experiences on a frequent basis.

Many businesses spend little to no time on their ‘About Us’ page. They write something up when first creating their website, and never touch it again.

This is a mistake.

A good ‘About Us’ page can make or break your company. Don’t fail to impress prospects at this stage in the decision making process. It’s easier than you think to convert them from this point, if you know what you are doing and include the right things.

What You Should Be Including

  • Company History: As an SMB, including a brief explanation about how you started is very valuable to readers. Clients want to learn as much as they can about you before choosing to do business with you. Providing them with this background information can help authenticize the work you and your employees have put into growing your company.
  • Your Mission, Vision, and Values: If you don’t already have these things, you better get brainstorming. These three things are essential in forming a connection with the decision makers visiting your website. They show what you stand for as a company, and give the reader a better idea about what it would be like doing business with you.
  • What You Do: This may already be covered in your mission/vision/values, but adding a bit more information about the unique services and solutions you provide is a great idea. Make sure you provide this information in plain, easy-to-understand terms. Remember - the Average Joe won’t understand all of the industry jargon you use on a daily basis. You want to establish expertise without scaring away potential customers.
  • Your Team Members: You wouldn’t be much of a business without your team. Let your prospects get to know the people they will work with if they choose to do business with you. At minimum, you should write something about how hard your team will work to serve the reader’s business needs. To go above and beyond, create a dedicated “Meet the Team” page that includes each employee by name and position, paired with a professional headshot and a little bit about them. You can choose to showcase a professional bio or something a little more fun, depending on which fits best with your company culture.
  • Social Proofs: It’s often not enough for you to tell readers about the good things that your company does. How do they not know you aren’t lying - or at least embellishing the truth? Proving your company’s expertise through testimonials, case studies, awards, and press releases helps you establish credibility in the reader’s eyes.
  • Contact Information: Somewhere - or ideally, in multiple places - you should be including your contact information on every ‘About Us’ page you have, paired with a Call-to-Action that encourages them to contact you in the method of their choosing.
  • Other Calls-to-Action: In addition to your contact-related information, other calls-to-action can be included to direct readers to the right place. Consider including links with applicable calls-to-action to your company blog, newsletter subscriptions, free deliverables, service discounts, free consultations, and to your social media channels.

Tips and Best Practices

  • Consider an ‘About Us’ menu item: If you have a lot to talk about, don’t try to fit it on one single page. We may refer to the ‘About Us’ page as a singular page throughout this article, but we understand that this isn’t the right fit for everyone. Having an ‘About Us’ menu item will allow you to create multiple pages to tell your story. If you do this, just make sure that your pages are well labeled.
  • Keep a consistent voice: Your ‘About Us’ page should represent your company consistently throughout every page or section. A lack of consistency will weaken your brand identity.
  • Be honest: It makes sense to talk up your company on your ‘About Us’ page. After all, you want the reader’s business. It’s important to remember that your website isn’t the only place decision makers are going to be visiting. If you mention on your ‘About Us’ page that you provide “top-notch customer service” but all of your online reviews contain upset customers complaining about the inefficiency and lack of communication that your support team provided them, decision makers aren’t going to trust what you say and will take their business elsewhere.
  • Make it easy to read: Don’t use your ‘About Us’ page to write a novel. Remember, some people may be viewing your website through a mobile device: they don’t want to be scrolling forever. Shorten content, break it up using bullets when applicable, use multiple pages, or incorporate images.
  • Include visuals: Incorporating relevant visuals can help further break up the text on the page. You can structure your ‘About Us’ page as an infographic that links them to other information about your company. You could include pictures from the office, of the CEO, of the team, or of relevant tech-related imagery. Another option would be to embed a video that summarizes who you are and what you do. Be creative!

We Can Do The Work For You

We can design you a killer ‘Team Member’ page, as well as give the rest of your website a facelift, whether you are looking for a professional template layout or a layout just as unique as your company. Contact us today to learn more.

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