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How Long Does SEO Take to Show Results?


“How long will it take for an SEO strategy to start showing results?” This is a question that will get you many different answers depending on who you ask. The optimization of your business’ website happens on so many levels and has so many different variables, and coupled with the fact that your competitors aren’t just resting on their heels and have likely also optimized their website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can take as long as six months to show results.

Ignoring cases of outliers, on average, an SEO strategy usually takes between four and six months to show any significant results. Of course, depending on if you’ve optimized your website before and other factors, you can begin to see results much sooner.

To make it clear, no matter where your business’ website is in regard to SEO, or what your competitors are doing, optimizing your website will take time, so don’t begin this marketing tactic with the idea that you will see instant results.


Search Engine Optimization isn’t a simple process and you need to be prepared to dedicate up to a year of your time and resources. Here is a highly plausible timeline for the initial six months it could take to get results from an SEO strategy:

Month One: Website Audit

An SEO service will begin by examining your website's current state. Your website will be thoroughly searched for any errors that need to be corrected and assessed for optimization of factors and tactics.

Month Two: Map Out Your SEO Strategy

When it comes to SEO, SWEAT THE DETAILS! With all of the many tactics and factors that go into SEO, it’s important to closely consider which will best suit your business’ website. The second month of an SEO service will likely be spent researching and coming up with a custom SEO campaign.

Months Three - Four: Content

Expanding the available content on your website will be the focus of the next two months. Adding service pages, company pages, and blogs will provide good end points to drive traffic to. By the end of the fourth month you should be seeing an upkick in traffic to your website, and although it may not be significant, remember SEO takes time, and it will be significant enough for you to know what you’re doing is working.

Month Five: Time for Social Media

By this point your website should have a ton of content for you to use in a Social Media Management Service. Incorporating social media will allow you to drive traffic back to the content on your site, creating a flow of potential clients directly to you and your services.

Month Six: Repeat the Cycle

Now that you have set a system of creating content and pushing it out through your business’ social media, you should continue this cycle by continuing to create good content to link to. You can outsource content creation, and subscribe to a blog service to supply the content for your site.

Let Us Manage Your SEO

Now that you have an idea of how long SEO will take, you may be feeling a little discouraged. Don’t worry, if you don’t have the time to manage an SEO or Content Marketing campaign, we will do it for you. Our many marketing experts are available to begin working on your business’ website and marketing needs. Contact us or give us a call at 888-546-4384 today!

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