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6 Ways to Get Your Direct Mail Campaign Noticed

6 Ways to Get Your Direct Mail Campaign Noticed

It seems now that nearly all business and marketing practices have gone digital, however the “old school” marketing method of sending direct mail is making a comeback. It is a surefire way of grabbing the attention of your leads.

These days the likelihood of an email being deleted before being read or being overlooked is very high. With direct mail you have a greater opportunity to create a lasting impact, giving the recipient the ability to directly see and touch the information that you send. The simple fact is that people like to get mail!

Direct mail is a measurable, targeted marketing strategy for reaching both your potential and existing customers. If you've tried direct mail in the past and only received mediocre results, don't be afraid to try again and again revising your approach. Use the tips below to help ensure your direct mail piece gets noticed!


1. Use quality images and colors. The first thing people will notice about direct mail will be your use of graphics and colors. What image are you using on your postcard, envelope, or package? Your design will be the difference between your mail having marketing influence, or immediately ending up in the trash.

2. Use a single, clear message. Effective marketing is simple marketing. Your mailing should have one clear purpose with a simple message. What is the one thing you want your recipients to do after reading your material?

3. Have a defined call to action with deadline. Including this information will make it so that the recipient is less likely to back burner your mailing or delay responding. It’s important to create a sense of urgency.

4. Link to a simple URL. Make sure you have a landing page setup that correlates with your campaign. The link to your landing page should be relevant and easy to remember, like for example.

5. Personalize. Your mailings will be most effective if they contain friendly, personalized text that isn’t lifeless or difficult to read. If possible, include a signature or personal notes from your CEO.

6. Include contact information. Make it very easy to get in contact with you. Include your phone numbers, email address and website.

So you know what pieces are working, make sure your direct mail campaign is designed to give measurable results, whether through a landing page, an offer or code, or a specialized phone number tied directly to the campaign.

For more tips, or if you need help with a direct mail marketing campaign for your company, contact us today.

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