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CPT: National Pizza Day Has Never Been So Educational! [Video]

CPT: National Pizza Day Has Never Been So Educational! [Video]

Sometimes, when you wake up to much more snow than there was before you went to bed, it’s hard to bring yourself to cook. Fortunately, there are restaurants that brave the weather in order to provide their customers with the spoils of their labor, and besides, it is National Pizza Day.

That was why we decided to go with the reliable deep-dish pizza, courtesy of Little Caesar’s.

However, as it turns out, the fact that we could enjoy the cheesy, saucy goodness was a bit more complicated than we had first thought... How could this be? Dough, sauce, and cheese--that’s all there is to pizza, right? Well, not quite. Pizza has much more history behind it than you would think, history that one of our staff members got a little too into teaching us about.


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