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Turn Your Company Culture into a Marketing Machine


Last month, we were approached by David Russell, of Manage2Win, to give a presentation on our company culture and how it influences our marketing efforts. The outcome was a webinar entitled "Turn Your Company Culture into a Marketing Machine". The presentation focused on establishing the identity of each business' company culture and how it can empower their marketing efforts. Presented by our CEO, Chris Chase, the presentation included valuable theory along with supporting examples of personal company stories to support the idea that company leaders shape their company culture, which in turn influences their marketing efforts.



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Defining Your Company Culture

The first step in the process of forging your company culture as a business tool is simply defining what your culture is made of, what it looks like, and how it operates. Chris suggests asking yourself, as a business leader, if you are satisfied with the direction of your company culture.

By answering this question you'll have a fairly good read on how your company culture is currently influencing your business operations. For example, if your employees value strong friendships with one another, and are great at resolving conflict and communicating, your business will look much different than a company culture that doesn't handle change well and communicates very poorly with each other. Once you have an intentional analysis of what your business culture looks like, it's time to start steering it in the direction you'd like to see it go.

Influencing Your Company Culture

Whether you've been intentional or not about your personal influence on your company culture, your employees, leads, prospects, and clients are all affected by it. However, it's not too late to start being intentional about shaping your office dynamic. During the presentation, Chris admitted that he'd not been intentional about shaping Directive's culture until about two years ago, when he realized the value that company culture plays in operating his business.

Chris stated that company culture is influenced from the top down. "As management, your attitude, morality, and business practices all play a role in determining everything like the type of people you hire, your working conditions, the way you do business, how your office is decorated, and even dress code." Chris went on to give suggestions about how company leaders can intentionally shape their culture.

There are obviously more ways than these to intentionally form and shape your company culture, but the main point is that it all starts with you. You can either be intentional about influencing your work culture, or let it develop naturally into something that you may not necessarily be proud of. Overall, it will be much easier for you to influence your marketing efforts with a company culture that you have intentional shaped and formed around your company vision.

Company Culture and Marketing

So, how does your company culture fuel your marketing efforts? Answer: By seeing every one of your employees as a potential marketing source.

If the goal of marketing is to convince potential clients they should invest in your company's products and services, you may want to consider allowing your company's culture to be expressed in those marketing messages. To some extent, it is unavoidable. After all, when creating content, your content team will reflect the tone that you have set. Embrace your marketing personality, and influence it with your culture.

"Since your entire culture influences your marketing, you can think of your entire employee base as your marketing department," stated Chris. "Each employee can share expertise on what they do that can be pushed out the door for marketing purposes. Use them and their personal stories and work experiences as marketing fuel." Chris explained that he likes to encourage every staff member to share their expertise in blog articles or other content that can be pushed out as marketing resources. Also, stories from your company are excellent sources of marketing content, as your clients and leads will enjoy seeing the personality behind your products and services. By giving them a window into your company culture, you'll retain their attention longer, and generate more interest.

Chris spent the rest of the presentation discussing how company culture influences various marketing mediums such as blogging, company videos, social media posts, search engine optimization, direct mail marketing, running informational campaigns, public relations, and more. But, as Chris said, as the leader of your company, you have to "empower your team to be the voice of your brand." This will help turn your company culture into a marketing machine.

To watch a free recording of the webinar, click here and log in with your JoomConnect credentials. Be sure to let us know what you think, and if you have any questions, contact us at 800.546.4384.

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