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Vision Computer Solutions (VCS) ended relationships with two of our previous vendors at the end of December 2013 once discovering the products Directive had available. Although we have only been clients for three months, our organization is already seeing immense benefits. By utilizing Directive's services we now have a cohesive lead capturing system- integrated with our website and ConnectWise. The ability to have automated activities between our website and ConnectWise has become integral in our marketing.

At VCS we believe in doing more with less. With our new relationship with Directive, our company is able to have complex marketing campaigns ran by one manager! It is an ease to our marketing budget and our stress levels to entrust Directive to manage our SEO and our PPC!

Without a doubt I would highly recommend Directive to any MSP who uses ConnectWise. If Directive isn't part of your marketing team, you are missing out.

Abbey Renee Colville

Abbey Renee Colville ( Vision Computer Solutions (VCS) ~ )

Since we began working with Directive earlier this year in the redesign and redevelopment of SMB Nation's Web site, I have noticed several positive changes both externally and internally. On the external side, our audience has never been happier with the new look and feel of the redesigned website. The content is presented in a way that is clear and concise (and looks pretty darn good too)! In addition, both our page views and unique visitor traffic have increased to the Web site and blogs have increased tremendously, and the downloads for our quarterly digital magazine have also increased, thus demonstrating that our audience is increasingly returning to the SMB Nation web site on a regular basis.

Internally, from my perspective as Editor of the SMB Nation property, the daily use of the website on the back end has never been easier. Posting stories is both easy and quick, which is something that's a necessity when you are working with several different content pieces on a daily basis. In addition, editing blogs and accepting blogs from guest authors has also become easier, as well as keeping out potential spammers from posting "junk blogs" to our website.

Aside from the aesthetics and new look and feel of the website, Chris Chase and his team did a fabulous job of ensuring that all of our content was safely and correctly moved from the previous platform on to the new one, as per Google terms and conditions. Chris and his team are also extremely proficient is what can be sometimes sensitive SEO matters, so this also provided us the peace of mind in knowing that that would not be any serious glitches when moving our website to the new platform, and that all of our content would be in place on the new Joomla system.

If you are looking to create a brand new web site, or just maybe a refresh, then I would highly recommend working with Chris and his team, as you will be provided with a solution that will undoubtedly increase your web traffic, customer base and revenues!

Regina Ciardiello ( Editor ~ , SMB Nation )

I have been in the IT services, support, and delivery fields since 1988. During that time, I have assumed many roles, from Support Technician to the Head of IT for several large companies. The key to my success in this industry is the connection I have with my customers, not just as a technical expert but as a human being. That is exactly how my experience was when I was dealing with your support group.

Recently, our company engaged your company to launch our new website and I was asked to participate in the launch. Websites, and all that come with it, are an area of fascination, but not mastery to me. So, I became the customer.

We first contacted JoomConnect because our old website was stale. It was cumbersome to update and the tools were awkward to use. As result, we operated with little to no marketing impact from our existing site. Most our team would avoid sending customers to our website. We decided to employ a web designer. They changed a few things around, improving the website slightly. The problem then became updating the website.

We found JoomConnect to be the perfect mix of technology, tools, marketing expertise, and an expert level staff. It was a real pleasure working with your team. They are top notch.

The best part about working with JoomConnect was your understanding of MSPs and their needs. Our systems are your systems. The level of integration is complete from the front end to our back office.

Bottom Line: I will absolutely recommend JoomConnect and its services.

Oscar Carbajal ( Senior Account Manager/Engineer ~ , 4IT Inc., Miami, FL )

In July, Altitude received contact requests for services proposals that were all closed in the same month resulting in $28250/month in reoccurring revenue. We have been very pleased about the site and the level of professionalism and expect many more inbound sale requests.

Kirk Porter ( Altitude Technologies ~ , Billings, MT )

Chris, just thought I would give you an update that we closed with a 150-person law firm a couple weeks ago. Their call to us was a directly triggered by receiving our printed newsletter. Thanks again for helping us with such a great product!

Thank you,
Stephanie K. Kinsey

Stephanie K. Kinsey ( Managing Partner ~ Total Networks, Phoenix, AZ )

Alex Rogers

"JoomConnect! You dont have it! Too bad so sad!
Do it the hard way! :)"

Alex Rogers ( CEO ~ CharTec, Bakersfield, CA )

“We have been able to keep the design of our existing website and move it to the Joomla! CMS platform, which is much more powerful and allows us to publish multiple types of content and keep our site fresh and inviting for both new and return visitors. The ability to tie back to ConnectWise with JoomConnect has really helped with our event marketing and management by syncing with campaigns and groups and by assigning tracks to automate our follow-up messaging.”

Josh Davis ( Marketing Communications Manager ~ , InfoSystems, Inc. )

Jerry Koutavas

Big shout out to Chris Chase and the JoomConnect team, you guys rocked it for us - thanks again, their work, our love ->

Jerry Koutavas ( President ~ The ASCII Group )

Shawn P. Walsh


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for all the great work all of you have done for us.

Directive has transformed our website from a static brochure to a dynamic sales and marketing tool.

As is the case for many business owners, the website was always one more thing I would “get to” when I could. Since this rarely happened the information was always stale, and the code for the site made it difficult to edit and add new content easily.

When Paradigm moved to Directive’s MSP Website with JoomConnect all that changed. Now our content is fresh and updating and adding new pages is easy as writing a word document. Now when prospective clients want information about our services, everything is entered and tracked through ConnectWise without the effort of double entry, and a track can be added that instantly starts an effective drip marketing campaign. What a time saver!

With your Search Engine Optimizations services finding us has never been easier! We received two hot leads for managed services clients in the past two week. One already closed and the other is looking good. Both found us by web search alone. That was an easy return on investment!

Our most recent addition, the MSP Blog service, is being well received. I have gotten much positive feedback from our clients, our FaceBook activity is up. Even my staff is enjoying the high quality of the articles.

Finally, I cannot say enough about the quality of your staff. I am always able to get someone when I need them and they are a pleasure to work with. Their commitment to customer service is a credit to your organization.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

Shawn P. Walsh
CEO / President
Paradigm Computer Consulting, Inc.

Shawn P. Walsh ( CEO / President ~ )

Arnie Bellini

JoomConnect is awesome! We are using it at ConnectWise for our website.

Arnie Bellini ( CEO ~ ConnectWise )

Thomas Rivett

Back in October we at Linkatech were looking for a intelligent way to link our Joomla-based website to Connectwise. That is when we discovered the Directive website and Chris Chase. Once we had done a little research into JoomConnect it was clear that we had made contact with the right company and the right team. Since October we have had the pleasure of working with Chris and his crew on a super exciting new way to connect to our customers using social media management and the Ultimate Social Media Rig (USMR). We have attended the Connectwise TV broadcast recently, and also have listened to his recent interview on AM 1300 KSET Geek Free Radio; both of which just added fuel to the already massive inferno of excitement.

This morning we had a conference call with Chris to further our understanding of the USMR and to add to our current initiatives involving social media management and the Managed Services community. It is clear to Linkatech that if you plan to gain market dominance using Social Networking you must learn more about the USMR. The value of what Chris and his team have put together including the automation using Connectwise and JoomConnect will keep it manageable and traceable, while returning huge value.

Thomas Rivett ( , Nanaimo, BC )

Santo Cannone

Chris has the rare ability to be both visionary and pragmatic. He and his team have identified an excellent opportunity in creating JoomConnect.

They've worked closely with users and potential users to identify ways to make JoomConnect even more powerful.

JoomConnect will be a real asset for all types of companies looking to effectively integrate their web presence into their operations.

Santo Cannone ( Advisory Council at ConnectWise ~ , Tampa, FL )

Raymon Manion

Chris and his team are some of the hardest working and consistently superb people I've dealt with in this industry. They have a streamlined infrastructure allowing them to cover all bases and produce excellent results. They know the hardware, the software, the programming, and the lifecycle.

His investment in his company has positioned them for continued growth without sacrificing customer service in any way. Directive is the only company I would consider for my development and support needs.

Raymon Manion ( Deputy Secretary General ~ , Oneonta, NY )

Tim Beard

“I hired Chris to redesign our company website, and integrate our backend database with our website. I have since sent several of my clients over to Chris' company.

Their work is outstanding, and reasonably priced. They often go above and beyond in helping clients.”

Tim Beard ( President, Networthy Systems ~ , Beaumont, TX )

Tim Brewer

Chris Chase is the "Guru" of the new social media movement don't miss out on getting your client community strategy right get Directive involved in your marketing NOW!

Tim Brewer ( Director, Corporate Services at Accord ~ , Perth, Australia )

We have provided a customer portal to our clients for many years now and we have always struggled with keeping the frontend (customer portal) synchronized to the backend (Ticketing system).

ConnectWise does a great job at providing a basic customer portal solution, but we wanted to offer more rich content to our clients without having multiple logins.

JoomConnect allows us to seamlessly integrate our existing CMS (Joomla) website with our ConnectWise database in about 10 minutes. Now when a new customer logs in they have access to everything they need to run their business and get the support they need.

Ted Freitas ( )


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