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Social Media Autoposting

If you have our MSP Blog Service, we can set up a third-party service to automatically publish links to your blogs to your social media accounts. This doesn’t replace an actual social media strategy, but it can help populate your social media accounts with your blogs as they get published on your website.

This also isn’t a part of your $60/month blog service - we don’t monitor your social media accounts, we only set this up as a courtesy and we can offer assistance if you need it.

If you want us to manage your social media accounts, check out our Social Media as a Service.

If you’ve already had social media auto-posting setup at some point, and it just recently stopped working, there are some changes to how Hootsuite and provide these services, so please review these options carefully.

Option 1: Free with
Option 2: Pro
Option 3: Hootsuite Professional
  • Posts to up to 2 social media platforms.
  • You choose the platforms.
  • We’ll set up the account for you on the Twitter account we have on file, or you will need to provide us with credentials.
  • Posts to up to 10 social media platforms.
  • We’ll set up the account for you on the Twitter account we have on file, unless you provide us with login credentials for your own account.
  • You will need to log into the account and add your payment information.
  • Hootsuite is a social media management platform.
  • You choose the platforms.
  • You require a Hootsuite Professional (or higher) plan.
  • Requires the RSS Autopublisher addon app.
  • A good option for clients using or considering our Social Media as a Service, which requires Hootsuite Professional.

Please note that pricing and services with these third-parties may change at any time, and that we don’t have control over them or their features. All options require that your website can generate an RSS feed with your blog posts. If we built your website, your website will have one. If you or someone else built your website, you’ll need to provide the RSS feed to us (we should be able to help you find it if you aren’t sure).

  • Please choose from the following options:
  • Choose two social media platforms:

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