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Marketing Plan - Updated

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Marketing Plan

Market Your Way to Increased Profits with a Plan!

What type of marketing are you currently doing?
Do you find it to be hit or miss? Is it reactive?
Do you just find you’re out of time when it comes to thinking about marketing?

With an intentional marketing strategy in place, your company will be able to live up to its full potential. Would you consider travel from New York City to Dallas without a GPS, without a map, without a plan? Like your travel plans, and ideally all your business processes, your marketing efforts should be organized, structured, and something you do all year round.

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Invest in your MSP's Future

JoomConnect’s Marketing Plan is a detailed outline of marketing objectives and a year-long marketing initiative implementation strategy developed by our marketing team. Based on 1) a questionnaire completed by you and your team, 2) a thorough evaluation of your company, and 3) our experience in marketing for Managed Service Providers, your plan will be customized for your businesses needs to give the best strategy for growth.

Your customized marketing plan is comprised of two main components:

  1. An analysis report that looks at your business, location, metrics and more.
  2. A year-long marketing plan of your current and suggested marketing initiatives.

Your Marketing Plan also includes an in-depth analysis report of key aspects of your business. A sample of the report’s features include information on the MSP industry (nationwide as well as your area), a breakdown of your business’ top 5 competitors and marketing advantages over them, a review of your website with suggestions for improvement, an SEO analysis (including a look at Pay-per-Click campaigns), and an evaluation of social media content and images. To help you to track your marketing, the report also includes KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and metrics to measure your success.

The Marketing Plan Calendar provides a full-year outline of direct mailings, email campaigns, event marketing, social media marketing, and more. By having a schedule of what to do, and when to do it, you can easily keep your marketing on track for an entire year.

What to Expect

Your customized Marketing Plan includes:

  • A detailed report of your business, your industry, your competition, etc.
  • Meetings with team for a full review of your plan and calendar.
  • A year-long schedule of marketing activities, broken down by month.
  • List of metrics to track your success, including calculations for costs per lead, and return on investment (ROI).

Why should I choose the JoomConnect Marketing Plan service?

We’ve come up with this Marketing Plan solution because we ultimately believe in the value that it provides. We want to share our methods, tips and solutions that we’ve been able to successfully implement with our own on-site MSP company.

JoomConnect was designed to make lead processing easier and more effective. It would stand to reason that JoomConnect and the Marketing Plan go hand-in-hand. We have a documentation library that includes guides, webinars, partner training, and other resources that will make running campaigns, tracking email open/clicks, and processing of leads more efficient.

What’s Included?

Before we iron out a plan, we get to know the ins-and-outs of your company. We want to get a feel for your company, your team, and how best to market your services and offerings. We do ask you to answer a few, straightforward questions about your business and it’s daily operations. Your answers help us to gain an insider's perspective on your company. From there, our marketing team does extensive research on your geographic service area, analyzing your competition and determining potential new markets. This information allows us to formulate a plan that will best fit your company’s time, marketing budget and resources.

The success of your Marketing Plan will be dependent on the effort that your company puts into carrying it out. With a customized, comprehensive marketing plan, your company will have a step-by-step guide to successful marketing and advertising.

Essential Features and Benefits

Organization of Marketing Focus – With a marketing plan, you’ll be able to organize your marketing, your marketing will not be reactionary. For example, the marketing plan may include running a special promotion for the 4th of July. A marketing plan can help you achieve that goal by reminding you of important starting dates, deadlines and more.

Goals/Financial Objectives – A Marketing Plan will help you create reasonable goals and financial objectives. Organizing these thoughts and making a guideline will help keep you on track to achieving these goals.

Tracking ROI – Our Marketing Plan includes guidelines on measuring your revenue. It includes a variety of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurements.

Compare Campaign Success – By planning out which campaigns you are going to run, you’ll also be able to compare the campaigns to each other. For example, how does your lunch and learn about Disaster Recovery compare to your webinar on Firewalls?


We understand what it is to be busy! If no time is an issue for you with your marketing plan, we are here to help!

Let us manage your campaigns for you. From the graphics, to the content, to the postcard and stamp, our teams are ready to fulfill your marketing needs. Have you purchased campaigns through a third party provider? We can run it. Do you do something outside the box? Let us build a customized campaign around your featured service.

In addition, we also have a variety of companion services, ideal for the ongoing marketing initiatives like our blog services, eNewsletter, Printed Newsletter, SEO and Pay-Per-Click management. If your Social Media is lacking, have us roll out our Ultimate Social Media Rig.