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A. Base Setup
1. Setup requested Service Boards with xref statuses
2. Setup Integrator Logins for the API’s for the Service Boards above
3. Confirm portal level with Enter and Update ticket permissions
4. Add Company Status: Website User - JoomConnect company status, with notify
5. Add Company Type: Website
6. Add Campaign: JC Website Standard Campaign
7. Add Group(s): Source – Website, Website Password Generated
8. Add Campaign Type and Subtype: Website
9. Add Campaign: JC Website Standard
10. Create Track: New Registration – sends email to contact
11. Add Source: Website

B. Quick Analytics Add-On
1. Add Activity: JoomConnect Quick Analytics (0 points), JoomConnect Landmine (0 points)

C. Quick Referral Add-On
1. Setup Quick Referral Service Board with statuses
2. Add Company Status: Website Referral
3. Add Group(s): SOURCE – Client Referral, Website Referral