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  • This Setup Sheet will help you customize your initial rollout of the Ultimate Social Media Rig. Please fill this out as completely as possible. Failure to complete any areas may result in delays.

    You may notice some fields are filled out. These are generic answers that you could use if you wanted, or adjust in any way to suite your business needs.

    NOTICE: Your project will not be scheduled OR begin until this Setup Sheet is completed and returned to Directive along with your logo and any other needed media.
    • Please provide us with the following information, even if you've submitted it before:
    • Company Name *
    • CEO Full Name *
    • Phone Number *
    • Address *
    • City *
    • State *
    • Zip *
    • Year your company was established *
    • Company Sales/Info Email *
    • Website URL *
    • Short Description about your business, what you offer, and the value you provide. Keep it under 140 characters.
    • Long Overview about your business, what you offer, and the value you provide. Keep it below 500 characters.
    • Google Email: (You may need to list this a few times)
    • List 6-8 Product/Services you Offer Below:
    • *Please provide us with an activated Google/Gmail account. Typically you'd want to use the same account your Google Places and Google Analytics accounts are tied to.
      We use this account to authenticate your social media accounts - it is also used for your YouTube account. If you are also filling out the MSP Website Setup Sheet, you can use the same account for both. Go to Gmail.com and click Sign in at the top right to make your account if you do not have one. We also use this account for Google+ and YouTube.
    • Google Email:
    • Google Password:
    • BirthDay
    • Let us know what social networks you already have implemented both personally and professionally. We're only going to create/modify professional accounts.
    • Facebook:
    • The best practice for Facebook is to log into your Business Page with your Personal Facebook Account. You wouldn't want to have a separate account for managing your business page. If you have a Facebook Page setup already, please give us login credentials so we can access it, or add as an administrator. If you do not have a Facebook Page, we'll set the page up and then add you as an administrator during training (meaning you can ignore the 3 fields below).
    • Name of Current Facebook Page:
    • If you have a profile, please provide the URL Here
    • Twitter:
    • If you do not have a business Twitter account, leave the fields below blank, we will set it up for you.
    • If you have a profile, please provide the URL Here
    • LinkedIn:
    • LinkedIn isn't meant to represent your business, but yourself as the business owner/management/staff of the business. Therefore, your LinkedIn account isn't your business, but instead it's you! If you need us to set up your personal LinkedIn account, leave the forms below blank and supply us with a photo of yourself that we can use. Want us to include a LinkedIn Group in your Social Media Rig? Be sure you are an Administrator of that group, and then provide the name of the group for us.
    • LinkedIn Password:
    • Automatically post to this LinkedIn Group:
    • If you have a profile, please provide the URL Here
    • Google+
    • Join the YouTube community and have us create you a channel. If you want to host any webinars or tutorials for your clients, YouTube is a perfect way to do so! We will use the Google Credentials by default, but if you want us to use an alternate account, please provide the information below.
    • Google + Username
    • Google + Password
    • If you have a profile, please provide the URL Here
    • YouTube
    • Youtube is a social media site in which you can share videos. You can share tutorials, documentation or fun videos with your clients.
    • Youtube Username
    • Youtube Password:
    • If you have a Youtube Channel, please provide the URL Here:
    • *Please provide us a high quality version of your logo - the bigger the better. Vector or layered images are preferred (.ai, .eps, .psd, or large .png files with transparent backgrounds) Want to supply us with a high resolution image for your Facebook Cover Image? Please send it with this setup sheet and check this box:
    • Provide us a high quality version of your logo