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MSP Newsletter Service

Build your authority while talking up your services.

Why Use Newsletters to Market My MSP?

There are a few reasons that newsletters are a smart choice for a managed service provider to incorporate into their marketing strategy.

Newsletters Reinforce Your Authority

Newsletters Reinforce
Your Authority

As a managed IT services provider, you want to be sure that you are perceived as an expert in your field, that you can be trusted to take over a business’ technology, help them grow, and provide value. Sharing insights, best practices, and advice in a newsletter helps you cultivate this impression amongst your contacts and authority with prospects.

Newsletters Keep You in Mind

Newsletters Keep
You in Mind

When marketing your services, it is important that you make a strong enough impression (and enough of them) that you’ll be the first that a prospect or client calls with a need they have to fulfill. A newsletter’s presence in their office and in their inbox can repeatedly generate these impressions, making them more likely to reach out to you.

Newsletters Give You a Platform

Newsletters Give
You a Platform

In addition to the educational materials that a newsletter enables you to share, you can also take advantage of it to share some company information with your target audience. You have the opportunity to inform them of events, staff milestones, and other facets that help humanize your business and thereby make it more appealing to work with

What You Get from Our Newsletter Service

Printed on 11x17-inch stock and folded into a booklet, your fully branded newsletter comes with four pieces of unique content only available through the newsletter service, in addition to two recent blog articles from your website. Alternatively, we always encourage that you provide some of your own content to give your newsletter more personalization, or customize some of that which we deliver—no design expertise required, as the file types are easily edited. It is entirely up to you how involved you are in the process.

In addition to the articles, your newsletter will include:

  • A comic, produced in-house, highlighting the lighter side of IT and the IT industry
  • Links to your business’ social media
  • QR codes linked to online versions of the content, getting your readers to your website
  • Web hosting and archiving of past issues
  • Trivia, quotes, and other fun extras that we encourage you to customize

We’ll then handle printing and production, ensuring that your brand is properly represented through our high-quality print management process and rigorously proofing the newsletter both physically and electronically to ensure a quality deliverable, each and every time. This means you don’t have to worry about finding, vetting, and managing a printer, and you can be confident that your newsletter will meet your standards…even if you aren’t there to oversee it!

We’ll then ship them through the US Postal Service directly to your contacts, anywhere in the United States, with no minimum contact requirements. You’ll also receive five copies directly to have around the office as a convenient show piece.

We also maintain multiple streams of content to help minimize your newsletter’s chance of overlapping with another subscriber to the service’s, helping prevent you from sharing the same content as your competition.

All This,
for a Reasonable Cost!


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What Content Should My Newsletter Include?

We’ve touched on the prospect of customizing your newsletter. Here are some suggestions we’ve found to be successful:

  • Events: Invite your newsletter subscribers to attend webinars, Lunch ‘n’ Learns, and any other events you are holding.
  • Company Milestones: Let everyone know about what your business has accomplished by taking the opportunity to brag a little bit about your success.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries: Celebrate your team members by acknowledging these important occasions.
  • Client Spotlights:Show your appreciation for the businesses that work with you by giving them a bit of exposure to the rest of your audience.
  • Employee Spotlights: Highlight the people you clients will be working with, humanizing your company and putting a face to the person they talk to.
  • Messages from the CEO: Share some of your own, personal insights, contextualizing them to your own life and community events to speak to your audience directly.

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