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Branded Cookie Tins

With the Cookie Tin service, reaching out to your contacts has never been more delicious.

Because who doesn't love cookies and milk?*
JoomConnect CookieTin Service

Is there ever a “wrong” time for cookies? When you consider the warm fuzzies a cookie can bring someone--especially if it’s an unexpected cookie-- it would seem that the answer is no, there isn’t a wrong time.

There’s just something special about cookie deliciousness that brings a happy feeling that little else can.

Now you can capitalize on this near-universal appreciation of a cookie by utilizing our Cookie Tin service. Send your clients, your prospects, whomever you want--a branded tin of freshly baked cookies to emphasize how much they mean to you and your business. Just imagine the benefits of associating the gift of a cookie with the action of returning to your business!

With cookies made to order, you can be sure that your tin will be filled with only the freshest goodies when it arrives at the recipient’s door. With your logo on the tin, you’ll be sure to make an impression that lasts much longer than the cookies will! Each tin comes filled with a dozen gourmet cookies, baked to order and delivered to your target on your behalf.

It takes approximately 7 days to screen print your cookie tins.

Each tin is $60 with a $4.95 shipping fee (within the continental US)

*Milk not included.


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