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MSP Blog Service

Why Use Blogs to Market Your MSP?

A blog serves many functions, from boosting SEO and marketing to providing current clients with information about other services. With the growing emphasis on content marketing, it’s crucial for MSPs to use blogging to demonstrate their expertise. Regular blog content showcases your company’s reliability, discipline, and knowledge, proving you're the best solution in town. Establish yourself as the go-to Local IT Expert! 

Here are just a few reasons that regular blog posts are a smart choice for a managed service provider. 

Enhanced Brand  Authority

Enhanced Brand

To be recognized as an expert and trusted to manage business technology, consistently share insights, best practices, and advice through blog posts. Regularly publishing these posts helps you cultivate and reinforce your expert image among your contacts.

Provide an Educational Resource

Provide an Educational

To effectively market your services and be the first contact for prospects and clients, consistently educate your readers through blog posts. These posts reinforce your expertise and keep you top of mind, making it more likely they’ll reach out when they need assistance.

Increased   Website Traffic

Website Traffic

Regularly publishing blog posts boosts your SEO, helping your website rank higher in search results. Fresh content attracts more visitors, increases engagement, and signals to search engines that your site is active and relevant, driving more organic traffic.

What You Get From Our Weekly Blog Service

With our blog service, you can provide valuable insights, answer client questions, and support your clients' businesses. Our blog content varies from articles for business owners to user tips, tutorials, and some consumer-focused pieces. 

Regularly blogging about your industry, products, and customer needs helps you create relevant content that resonates with your audience. This not only positions you as a thought leader but also boosts your search engine keywords, enhancing your overall MSP marketing strategy. 

However, we understand that finding the time to research, create, edit, and post a blog can be challenging for an MSP. That’s why the Ultimate MSP Blog Service is the perfect solution for busy IT service practices wanting to provide great content.

Great Content

Each week the service provides 2-3 relevant IT-related blog articles that include images. No copyrights, no links back to us, no royalties, just great content!

In-house Content Team

Our content is NOT outsourced. It’s all written by our in-house content team with MSPs in mind.

Geo Protection

We maintain multiple streams of content to prevent your nearest competition from having the same content.

Complete Content Aggregation

Content is often comprised of several tags that automatically get replaced with your information, like your company name, phone number, and your service area.


Your blogs can be automatically pushed to your website without any work on your end. If you prefer our “Client Published” option, you can have the articles left in draft status to further customize yourself.

Additional Bonus Content

Subscribers will occasionally receive FREE bonus blogs when there is a major event in the technology industry that is likely to impact SMBs.

All this, for the low cost of $60 a month!

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