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Let's get your marketing fresh content!

Statistics show newsletters result in repeat business from current clientele, inform your prospects, establish your expertise and credibility, and shorten your overall sales process. With your already hectic schedule, there is just not enough time to create content-filled newsletters. 

Why Our Printed Newsletter Service?

The Printed Newsletter Service is designed to:
  • Boost Client Engagement - Deliver engaging, relevant content directly to their doorsteps.
  • Enhance Brand Presence - Stand out with professional, high-quality designs that reflect your brand's excellence.
  • Create Lasting Impressions - Leave a tangible mark on both clients and prospects, reminding them of your value.

What’s Included in Your Monthly Subscription?

Our service goes beyond just printing newsletters. When you subscribe, you get:
  • Newsletter-Only Content -  Each month, four newsletter-only articles are created for your newsletter and two blogs from the Ultimate MSP Blog Service are picked to complement them.
  • Monthly IT Comic - Every newsletter features a comic created internally by us highlighting the humorous side of the IT industry.
  • Website Archive - We will create a place on your website to host all of your newsletters and will archive your most recent one once it is sent out.
  • Space for Personalized Content - Do you have an announcement or promotion you’d like to share? We make sure there’s room!
  • Included eNewsletter - eNewsletters are delivered to your newsletter list. With everything managed for you! This includes writing the content, assembling the newsletter, and kicking off the campaign!

Act Now!

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FAQ Section:

Got questions? We have the answers!

What is the monthly cost?

The service is $250/mo. Includes the print AND enewsletter version and 5 flats we send to you.

Printing and handling costs are:

Less than 250 newsletters $ .99 eachMore than 250 newsletters $ .95 each.

First class postage is $ .63 each.

*There are no minimum or maximum quantities.

Am I able to submit my own content?

Definitely, in fact we encourage it. You will receive a content call prior to us beginning the newsletter for the upcoming month. You’ll receive additional touches as the newsletter moves through our process including an opportunity to provide us with an updated mailing list.

I’m really busy and I don't respond to your tickets?

We want to have your newsletter arrive consistently so If we do not get a response from you we will assume that you’ve approved the proofs and they are good to be sent using the most current lists we have.

What email system can be used for the eNewsletter?

If you do not currently have an email system to send out of we’d setup a Mailchimp account for you. We also work with Constant Contact, Pipedrive, Hubspot and can work with you if you use another system. If you are a JoomConnect subscriber, you would get Quick Campaign Pro for no additional cost, allowing you to connect either ConnectWise or Autotask to manage your list and your unsubscribes. With ConnectWise you can also track the opens and clicks back to a campaign.

Still undecided? Let's discuss how our Printed Newsletter Service can specifically benefit your business. Give us a call at 888-546-4384