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Below is the information needed to get started with the Lead List service.

Any questions please contact us.

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  • Step 1: Company Information

  • Are you Full Managed Services or do you also offer Break/Fix? *
  • Do you allow al la carte or do you require a full package? *
  • If a full package, what do you include in package?
  • Are there tiers? Do the price points differ?
  • What is your service area? (ex. within 50 miles of our office or Otsego County) *
  • What services do you offer? *
  • Which of these services would you like to sell more of? *
  • Step 2: Current Customers

  • What industries are your current clients in? *
  • What do they buy from you? *
  • What do your current clients need from you? i.e. cloud computing, consulting. *
  • What service brings in the most recurring revenue? *
  • Are there any groups your clients/industry may belong to? i.e Professional Groups/Social Groups *
  • Are there any standards or certifications required for your services? *
  • Do any of your current customers have industry specific regulations they need to follow? *
  • Step 3: Ideal Customers

  • What industries do you want to work with? *
  • Are there any industries you do not wish to work with? *
  • Please Define

  • How do you measure business size per user / per seat / per server *
  • Small Businesses *
  • Medium-Sized Businesses *
  • Large Businesses *
  • What size client are you looking for? *
  • Do you have any miscellaneous requirements?