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Get Greater Insights with Websight Tracker

Do You Want Greater Insight Into Your Website’s Performance?
Get Key Website Analytics Using

WebSight Tracker!

WebSight Tracker offers a lot of granular data that can help you gain insight into your website’s performance. Through its customizable interface, you can gain deeper insight into your website’s traffic and the behaviors of those who visit it.

Website TrackerKey analytics that you can monitor through Websight Tracker include:

  • How many visitors you have and where they’re from*
  • Which content on your website is attracting the most attention
  • How the links on your website are influencing your visitors’ next steps
  • What people are searching for that leads them to your website
  • What the people currently on your website are doing
  • ...and so much more!

The information you can gather through WebSight Tracker will allow you to properly optimize your website and turn it into the marketing tool that it should be.

  • Every report is in real time and most contain high level of details
  • See every individual visitor, page view, event
  • View heatmaps by page, visitor or segment

WebSight Tracker Demo Basics

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