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Your MSP Website Includes The 10 Benefits of Managed IT Whitepaper

Show Your Prospects What Managed Services Can Do by running a targeted campaign around it!

It’s true! To make your MSP website that much more effective for you as a marketing tool, we’ve included one of our most essential deliverables and sales tools. However, having it is much different than using it to its full potential.

To help you do so, we’ve taken this document and crafted supplemental marketing materials around it that are designed to capture your prospects’ attention and focus on their particular priorities and needs.

What Does the 10 Benefits of Managed IT Campaign Kit Include?

    • 10 brandable, 10.5” x 5.5” postcards, delivered as Microsoft Publisher files, each of which focuses on an individual benefit and directs the recipient to visit your landing page.
    • New landing page copy, for the existing 10 Benefits of Managed IT landing page.
    • 10 social media posts, crafted to pique your audience’s interest in learning more about the benefits of managed IT.

Get the 10 Benefits of Managed IT Campaign Kit Today!

You can choose to have us brand the postcards for you or get it as a DIY Kit!