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  • This Setup Sheet will help you customize your initial rollout of the Ultimate MSP Website. Please fill this out as completely as possible. Failure to complete any areas may result in your website launch being delayed.

    You'll notice many areas where you can suggest new content ideas and additional enhancements. We can't guarantee that every suggestion will be covered, or that your suggestions will be ready for your launch. Content suggestions will be considered and possibly added to the backend if we develop it.

    NOTICE: Your project will not be scheduled OR begin until this Setup Sheet is completed and returned to Directive along with your logo and any other needed media.

    • * please mark which template you'd like us to customize. Click to preview in browser.
      Goto www.MSPWEBSITE.com to view template options.
      Please use this MSP Website template:
    • (*check the boxes to the left or fill out the template you'd like to use above)
    • Company Name *
    • Company Name Short *
    • CEO Full Name *
    • Phone Number *
    • Toll Free Or Additional Number
    • Fax Number
    • Address *
    • City *
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Year your company was established
    • Ticket Support Emai *
    • Website URL *
    • MSP Brandname, if applicable
    • Linked In URL
    • *Please provide us with an activated Google or Gmail account. We will use this account to set up Google Analytics and Google Recaptcha, and it will be tied to your Joomla Admin account.
    • Password *
      Passwords must be between 8 to 15 characters and contain at least three of the four character types: lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, and symbol.
    • Date of Birth: (Google may require verification)
    • Cellphone Number *
    • Managed IT Services:
    • Security Services:
    • Cloud Computing Services:
    • Data Services:
    • Hardware Services:
    • Software Services:
    • Media & Internet Services:
    • Business Communication:
    • Provide the following information for each author you want set up on the blog
    • Name:
    • Email: (Use an email that is NOT in ConnectWise)
    • 2-3 Sentence Bio:
    • Please provide a photo of each user to add to the Bio.
    • Please Provide Social Media Credentials if you'd like to have your Blog Posts shared on your Facebook Page, Twitter Account or Personal LinkedIn Account Automatically **
    • Autoposting integrates with your Twitter Account, LinkedIn Account and Facebook page, and allows you to send your blog posts, instantaneously, to one of those three Social Media Platform with the click of a button.
    • Facebook Page:
      Keep in mind, depending on how your Facebook page is set up, we may still need you to run through the steps if we can't get in

      Please provide your Facebook Credentials for a Facebook account that is an Admin of your Facebook Page
    • Password *
    • Twitter Account:
      **Please provide login credentials for your Business Account**

      Twitter may ask you to setup a mobile number, see the included guide for "How To" Instructions
    • Password *
    • LinkedIn Account:
      **Please provide login credentials for your Personal (CEO) Account**
    • Password *
    • Post Blogs to: *
    • Please provide the following information if you've purchased additional content migration to pull content from your current website.
    • FTP Info:
    • Site Ip *
    • Client's Control Panel URL: *
    • Control Panel Username: *
    • Client's Control Panel Password: *
    • Database Info:
    • Database Name: *
    • Database Username: *
    • Database Password: *
    • Domain Info:
    • This type of field can be used to display custom HTML on the form.
    • This type of field can be used to display custom HTML on the form.
    • Direct us to your News and Press Release area of your current website, or give us clearly labeled Word Documents with your press releases and news content. Be sure to include the following information with each:
    • Title:
    • Date Published:
    • URL or Attached Filename:
    • Blog Migration - We offer Blog Migration Services. Please contact us if you'd like a quote.
      Comment migration requires a separate quote in most cases – Please only fill out this section if you've purchased a Blog Migration or would be interested in having it setup.
    • Current Blog URL:
    • Blogging Platform:
    • Provide your client testimonials. Use the format below.
      Define the email address you want any testimonial notifications to be sent to
    • Email:
    • *Please include at least one testimonial. The more the better! Once your MSP Website is live, you'll have a page where your clients can submit testimonials.
    • Client Name:
    • Client Title:
    • Company/Location:
    • Summary:
    • Testimonial:
    • *Please provide a logo or portrait for each testimonial. Clearly label the image.
    • Define the email address you want job applications to be sent to
    • Please Note!!! If you have selected the option above for Live Meeting or Remote Support Tool You Must Provide us with a link to this account/URL or the link will not function on your new website.
    • Support Portal URL:
    • Important Note------->>>
      If you are non connectwise user please disregard the field above. If you are a connectwise user but are not getting JoomConnect integration you must supply this link!
    • GotoMeeting Reoccurring Meeting URL:
    • Other Support Information:
    • *This section is to let us know what kind of support options you'd like to offer your clients on your new website. They are the support options YOU offer. If you do NOT offer one or more of these particular support methods, uncheck the boxes
      Please note: We will automatically add phone support, ticket by email and ticket by portal (helpdesk page) to your support page, please check off the other options you'd like to see on that page
    • *Your MSP Website can take a regular backup of itself. We have a few options you can choose from to customize this.
    • Choose an option (x the box):
    • Backup Notification Email:
      Define which email you'd like to be notified With, for the Backup
    • Please provide us with the following. Items marked with * are required before we start. Please try to get us all material
    • *A Large, High-Quality Version of your Logo (we recommend an Adobe Illustrator .ai file or a Photoshop .psd. For best results, it should have a trans
    • A photo of any staff member(s) who will create blog articles
    • *The Complete Ultimate Social Media Rig Setup Sheet **If you've purchased the USMR
    • *The Completed JoomConnect Setup Sheet(s) **If you've purchased JoomConnect
    • Remote Support Files **If you have files for your Remote Support Tool
    • News/Press Release Word Docs or URLs **If you have these documents
    • Let us know what you are interested in seeing in the future!
    • *Check the following features you are interested in: